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  1. I just had another look at the article and photo and am now wondering about the flat surface. Looks like it could be a fragment from an engineering brick. :mad:

    That apart, the terminal temperature, (I'm guessing) would be determined more by the composition of the meteorite than its passing through the atmosphere. It looks blackish in colour so might have a high carbon content which gives up heat fairly quickly. It's quite small so could have been picked up by the jet stream and carried some way, giving it time to cool.

    Meteorite bouncing from deep space into the boundary for six sounds much better than surly youff lobbing half brick at Pimms drinkers. :D

  2. My all-time guitar hero. I met him at the Hope and Anchor (Islington) in the mid-late 70's and we chatted about music for quarter of an hour at the bar. Lee Brilleaux looked like a bus stop greaser. :mad: Down by the Jetty still gets a regular spin.

    That was a good time. Kilburn and the Highroads played there around that period too.

  3. Did you say win the lottery?

    Why, only last week my email won the Bill Gates Microsoft online charity lotto giveaway. $18,000,000

    The FBI (Nigeria) Department of Justice scam victim's anti-fraud Lottery (Robert Mueller III himself is handling that personally) $23,000,000

    And the United Nations email Compensation Award Lotto. Only $8,000,000... Which is hardly worth getting out of bed for.

    Not a bad haul for one week. I could buy the whole of space with that much money and bring the planets and stars to me. Now, where's the nearest Western Onion or Money Grab office so I can pay these retched fees? :eek:

  4. How to spend £1500 on my first scope?

    Though as a newb myself I would issue a little warning about running out and spending a load of money on a first setup. I don't know how long you have been thinking about getting into astronomy (of any kind) but I'd say step back for a minute and consider a few things. Your expensive new scope is going to spend 99.99 % of the time sitting there looking at nothing but the inside of the dust cap. :icon_scratch:

    Get the basics right first and do a bit of reading. Learn at least two constellations (Ursa Major, Ursa Minor) that you can find with the naked eye, and know where to find the pole star. If it's visible that is. No amount of GOTO and computers can get you out of that one. :)

    I'd say choose a good viewing scope anyway, up to 8" if you want potability, that has photo mounting potential, along with a rugged mount (EQ-5 should do). All you will need apart from that is a filter and you're good to go. Though nice to have and essential for photography you don't even need goto to start with, that can be added later. Then get competent using that lot. If it's windy enough to blow any scope on a EQ-5 around, you probably wouldn't want to be outside anyway. :)

    Again, I'm not trying to put you off, but if you don't get a few simple things right first, frustration sets in and it won't be the fault of the equipment. :mad:

    The thing you need to be wary of when choosing a first scope, is a sort of mission creep sets in. I started off looking at cheap beginner's scopes and before I knew it I was eying up £1000-2000 systems. It's very easy being beguiled by all the shiny stuff on offer to look up. After a bit of reading I discovered the truth, that you don't need a supersonic scope to get good views of the night sky. A little knowledge is worth a lot more than an expensive scope.

    I ended up spending £600,00 all in (scope, filter, mount, goto, books, power supply) and can add CCD to it later if I decide to try a bit of photography.

  5. Only 8 bit for now. They are working towards 16 bit and beyond but it's not expected until v 2.8

    The bit depth only really effects colour separation. You don't lose any detail that you will notice unless you spend half an hour comparing the difference between a 8 and 16 bit image of the same pic. . It only really comes into play at a professional level, and It's is more down to the quality of the screen an image is being displayed on than the image itself. A number of photo professionals are retuning to using crt screens for this reason.

    It may iterest you to know, 10% - 15% of all males have colour deficient eyesight. So if affected, any advantage the image/screen quality give is all lost the moment the photons hit your retina. Unless you have had your eyesight tested you wouldn't know the difference anyway. :D

  6. ^ Linux is the best. Give Mint 9 a spin. I ended up dumping windoze altogether for both personal and business use after using Mint for a week. You can use InfraRecorder to make a bootable dvd from the Mint download ISO. The latest Mint 9 version gives you access to over 30,000 free software packages. The UI is very similar to windows but without any of the slow boot/shutdown time or security issues.

    You can run it from the dvd to try before installing on it's own partition. :D

  7. Another vote for the 150P EQ3-2 combo. I've only used mine in the back garden so far but am very pleased with it. It's light enough to pick up the whole thing fully assembled and move it around to find the best viewing spot. With a bit of practice I can now pack it down in a couple of minutes.

    I actually started looking at much smaller portable scope but after some reading decided to buy the size of scope I would want to end up owning. So I plumped for the 150P and added GOTO rather than get a 200 without it.

    It's probably not a good reason to make a buying decision, but a reflector on a equatorial mount looks proper hansom standing in a room when not in use. :D

    If you want to go for a easily portable 200 though, I'd say look at a dob as the weight goes up a fair bit with the 200P EQ5, even when broken down.

  8. I would just like to assure everyone that I am in fact a complete astro obsessive, and really do want to stay up all night trying to get the perfect picture of some fuzzy blob in the heavens.

    But I'm also very very lazy. So I guess it balances itself out and makes me look normal compared to all you galloping fruity loops. Too normal in fact. Which isn't normal. :D

    Phew... I guess I do belong here after all. :D

  9. I guess I'm just lucky. the sort of women I'm attracted to don't bang on about how I spend my hard earned, or care if the walls are looking a bit shabby around the edges, or even give out if there's washing up still in the sink from last night's takeaway.

    Yes, I'm single at the moment. :D

  10. And if aliens ever did manage to find us and decide to attack because we are too dangerous to have around or just in the way. Well, they would win every time wouldn't they? No contest. Boof!... gone...

    Douglas Adams got that right.

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