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  1. Thanks for your reply. Do you think i would be able to see Saturn and Jupiter with more detail?
  2. Hello, I've had my telescope for nearly half a year, and because its England, the weather has been so bad that I've only gone out a couple times. I hitched a tent up the other day, and with my telescope I was looking at Mars. I observed Mars as a small white dot, and I couldn't see any detail. I know how to focus the observation, and have been, until it is clear. but as I said, it is just a clear white dot. If someone could give me advice on how to improve on the detail, if I have to buy anything, if I'm not doing it right, etc., then please do.
  3. Great images, I wish my telescope can observe like that!
  4. Yes, I thought that. just needed extra confirmation so that I know there is nothing wrong with the telescope.
  5. Ok, thank you. I thought this would be the case, but I wanted to be sure from people with experience.
  6. Ok, ill try it. I'm waiting on the Moon to be in range of sight... so when I can actually see the moon, I will start to have a play around with the telescope, to get used to it.
  7. Yes, all I saw were smaller white dots. like when you look at the sky with naked-eye
  8. Yes, all I saw were smaller white dots. like when you look at the sky with naked-eye
  9. Hello I am new to astronomy, and recently purchased a Celestron Starsense Explorer LT 114AZ, and just for a start, I used the finderscope to locate exactly a random star, and I looked through the eyepiece and just saw a blurry white image. I was using a 25mm eyepiece lens, and then decided to put on the 2x Barlow lens with the 25mm lens, and nothing changed. Is this normal? What should I do to improve? Thanks.
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