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  1. Well,

    Cloud pennance came to an end recently and I got a few hours of first light for the newly modded 300D (thanks to Andy Ellis).

    I chose ngc281 as the first test, wasn't really expecting to get too much...

    This is a stack of 5 off 120 second + 5 off 180 second + 3 off 240 second subs, taken through the WO Megrez 80II, unguided, calibrated with dark frames and put together with DeepSkyStacker. Post processing in Photoshop with a tweek or two using Noels actions.

    I'm really chuffed with this, just need some more clear nights now to have a go at something else.




  2. This was taken before Xmas, on 13th December.

    10 exposures of 180 seconds at ISO 1600, using the Canon 300D through the WO Megrez 80II FD. Stacked and dark frame calibrated using DeepSkyStacker. Post processed in Photoshop CS2.

    Hope you enjoy the view.




  3. This subject seems to be pretty popular around here. I first came onto this forum with last years' version using 30 second subs with a Canon 300D DLSR through a SkyWatcher ST80. Well, I've upgraded to a WO Megrez 80II FD, still with the Canon, and the results are much better.

    This is produced from subs taken over two nights last week, 5th Jan and 7th Jan.

    All subs taken with the Canon 300D (unmodified) at ISO800, through the WO Megrez 80II FD. 10 subs at 5 secs to hold the Trapezium, 10 subs at 30 secs for the core, 10 subs at 60 secs and 10 subs at 120 secs for the outer nubulosity.

    DeepSkyStacker was used to stack each set of exposures into a separate file using dark frames to calibrate.

    Each resulting frame was processed in Photoshop CS2 using techniques learnt from Jerry Lodriguss, flatten, set white point, set black point, set the sky background and use curves and levels to bring up the midtones. Then de-noised using Noise Ninja and sharpened.

    Then the individual frames were stacked on top of each other using layers, registered and rotated by hand. Finally some tweaks with Noel Carboni's actions and some colour balance work, cropped and....

    ...here's the result.




  4. Thanks for all of your encouraging comments guys. Hopefully I'll be able to do better now that I've replaced the ST80 with a WO Megrez 80 II FD this weekend. The view through that tonight while I was getting it lined up with the main scope was soooooo much better than through the ST80, the stars were absolutely pinpoint with a classical Airy disk.



  5. Hi Guys

    Just joined the forum. Thought I'd post my most recent work for you to peruse.

    This is a composite of two imaging sessions. First is 35 off 30 secs exposure at ISO800 with an unmodified Canon EOS300D through a Skywatcher ST80. Second is 25off 2.5 secs exposure at ISO800 with the same setup. Both processed in Photoshop Elements 3 and eventually layered in the same to keep the core detail.

    Hope you like it.



  6. Hello,

    I'm Chris.

    I've been a member of UKAI for a couple of years and found this forum by accident while doing a Google search. So I joined seeing as it looked interesting. Have a look at my website to get a look at my work and why I'm interested in this game. Looking forward to making any sort of contribution here.



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