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  1. Now no longer needed incl end caps. £25 to include shipping (only UK)
  2. Anyone got one to sell pls? Would pefer 9x50 version Cheers, Peter
  3. I want to try to fix an elecronic focuser to my Skymax 127 so this is the first component I will need, will also need a clamp for the dovetail rail at some time too
  4. anyone selling this dongle in perfect working order please?? Cheers, Peter
  5. I have only recently acquired this scope which relies on the Synscan handset or WiFi module and smartphone app to slew it. Using the smartphone app I am slightly confused when I need to align the scope using the point north and level method. As there is no vertical clutch on the mount is it OK to just manually move the OTA into the level position or should this only be done using the motors? Similarly to point north should I slacken off the large mounting screw undet the tripod and rotate the OTA to north? Is is it OK to use the motors to get the level and north? I dont wan
  6. Here is my image, 40 shots processed in PIPP then autostakkert and phtoshop elements........
  7. Last night was my maiden voyage photographing the moon with my Skymax 127 and my Olympus M4/3 camera. The results were "OK" and I now need to fiddle about with the camera settings a bit more. However I never thought that I would want to have less of a view as I could not get all of the moon in! So I have been looking at focal length reducers. I cannot afford the big ticket Celestron 6.3 reducer but I have seen the SVbony 0.5 reducer for less than £10 which just screws on the end of the nosepiece. Now I guess you get what you pay for but can someone advise whether the svbony is a
  8. As new - never used £6 incl postge
  9. Hi I have the following for sale; Sony cybershot DSC-W12 5.1 MP. 3x optical zoom. Comes with case , instruction manual, software CD and several extra sony memory cards in a case. Looking for £25 to include postage
  10. Looking for a reasonable 3x barlow! Peter
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