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  1. Thanks so much for The replies. The issue was that the RDF wasn’t aligned with the telescope as suggested - so we did manage to see some stars in the end. Does anyone have suggestions of which other lenses to buy to see wider/‘more pandoramic?
  2. Ahhh.....good to know, I was so confused about that, thought maybe they made the hole by mistake amazing - thanks very much.
  3. Thank you so much - much appreciated! I will try this tomorrow and hopefully that will help.
  4. Hi - thanks so much for the reply. This seems very complicated We did not do this in daylight no - so maybe we can try that. The red dot was aligned straight on the star but it was nothing to see...and we did point the open end of the telescope at the Sky...(eventually at least..lol!!) I was thinking I put the lens in incorrectly or maybe the lens wasn’t good enough ?! Also the protective thing that goes in front (pic attached) had one hole in it so was even debating whether I should leave this on or not....
  5. Hi - this might sound very silly but I have some questions regarding the SKY-WATCHER EXPLORER 130PS AZ5 - I was gifted it and I have no idea how this works. Main question: how do I see the stars?... I have two lenses “Super 10 long eye relief” and “super 25 window angle long eye relief” and we have set it up (think this has been done correctly). It was a clear sky today and dark (and stars visible on the sky) and adjusted the scope according to the red dot finder. Still we could not seee anything at all...?! Feel like we might be doing something very wrong? does anyone have any
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