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  1. Hey, I wanted to again thank you. I was not selecting the object and then slewing to it. Once I fixed this, I was able sync several objects and got my alignment almost perfect.
  2. I have a question about plate solving software. 2 parts actually. Please bear with me. 1. I envision a program where, let's say I want to shoot "Thor's Helmet". I align my mount and then tell stellarium to slew to this site. I envision opening up another program that is connected to my mount via ASCOM and has the slew data that Stellarium received by me (this guy is going to Thor's Helmet) Next, the program (it is already loaded with my FOV and camera info) will then take a picture and solve where it is as and then make adjustments to my position and then do this aga
  3. After I wrote my reply, I guessed that might be the issue.
  4. This really helped. I really appreciate the effort made for me here. I found this menu by hitting CTR 0. I parked my mount and pulled the handset out. I turn it back on and then connected through Stellarium. The mount slewed the RA down toward the ground and then the EQMOD flashed: Horizon Limit. I messed around with this for an hour and then saw in the configure box on Stellarium that Degrees Minutes Seconds (DMS) was not checked. I checked this box. Reset and it slewed right next to Sirius for me. Yay! I centered it into my camera crosshairs and hit SYNC and it worked. I then chose ano
  5. I don't have or I don't know where the sync button is...not clue where to find it.
  6. I apologize if this has been discussed but I cannot locate anything solid on line. I am not sure if my process if flawed or software is flawed etc. I polar align the mount and then I turn it on and start from the home position. I execute a three(3) star alignment. At this point I think I am safe to connect stellarium to the mount. I do so and then try to send the mount to a target. When I do this, the RA goes horizontal and EQMOD flashes that I have reached the mount limit (or something like that, I cannot recall the exact term). What am I missing? Please hel
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