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  1. Thanks, it’s pretty clear to me that if I enjoy this hobby I’m going to end up with a couple of setups. I’m not wary of the AVX mount, I also see there’s diy and some commercial eq mounts for dobsonians. Are these much different than a dobsonian with a goto?
  2. Hi all, recently joined here after scouring the Reddit /telescopes and /astronomy feeds. Looking at getting into the hobby and reading tons so I have some limited understanding of types of equipment and terms, though still a newbie. I think my place in all of this will settle out somewhere around wanting a good medium level scope but NOT wanting to go balls deep into astrophotography but WILL want to be able to take decent pics of planets and some DSOs. That said, I will attempt stacking shots et al at some point but I'm thinking of a budget of around $1000-$1500 CDN (Vancouver, B.C.).
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