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  1. Hi everyone! Thanks for all the support earlier on the widefield forum! Here I have another deep sky landscape, this time with a little longer focal length. Here we have IC2177 (the "Seagull Nebula") rising over rock spires at Pinnacles National Park, as seen with a 300mm lens. This image was taken with about 2 hours of exposures in HOO and about 15 minutes of exposures in RGB. This was last night, when there was about a quarter moon, which gave a nice lighting to the rocks. Aside from being the only national park that I can daytrip from the Bay Area, it's also a great lesser-known n
  2. Hi everyone! Thanks for the support on the Orion ultra-widefield that I posted earlier! My Instagram: https://instagram.com/dheeranet/ Next up we have M16 and M17 setting over Mt. Shasta as seen from very far to the east, with a 135mm lens. In the foreground you can also see Pumice Stone Mountain, which is that big round rock. This area has been highly volcanic in geologically recent times, and Mt. Shasta is likely still active. Up in the sky you see the Milky Way of course, M16 directly above Mt. Shasta, and M17 slightly to the left.
  3. Yep it's not near Diablo at all. It's a really lonely narrow road, and I'd hate to geotag it publicly since the people who live off those ranches probably don't want loads of cars showing up there. DM me if you want though!
  4. There is a place called Twin Peaks in San Francisco which is smack in the middle of the city -- this isn't that place. This is a random place off a relatively unknown road that most people wouldn't know and I'm not sure if these peaks even have names! I was imaging there for 3 hours and didn't see a single car pass by.
  5. Hi everyone, new on this forum! I'm doing a deep sky landscape series to try to give people a sense of how large deep sky objects are in the sky. I'll post back with some longer focal length examples, but to start off here's an extremely wide field of Orion and the Winter Milky Way rising over some peaks near the Bay Area in California, USA. This image was taken at 21mm focal length on a DSLR. Imaged partly in RGB and partly in HOO and combined for HaORGB. Also feel free to follow me on Instagram for more astrophotography: https://instagram.com/dheeranet/
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