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  1. Flipping marvelous...I'm going to drop them a line and see if they could knock up the mounting plates, looks like they are the experts!...thanks for the info...impressed with your speedy responce ...as usual !!
  2. I'm looking to build a concrete pier for an EQ6 mount and I'm trying to find some where that can supply me with a couple of 6-8 inch square, heavy gauge plates that I can use as the base onto which I want to a place the mount. Any ideas ?
  3. I'm considering a permanent pier with some sort of cover to keep the mount protected. I',m just looking around at the moment at various methods of construction.. Where can I get hold of Sonotube and the rebar mentioned in this thread ?
  4. Kai.. I always enjoy seeing other folks setups... Just wondered what the box of tricks attached to the side of your mount was for ?
  5. I picked up a couple of nice little paper backs at Astrofest on the subject. Both from the "Patrick Moore Practical Astronomy" series and published by Springer. CCD Astophotography by Adam M Stuart and Digital Astrophotography Edited by David Ratledge. Of the two I would definitely recommend the 2nd one. Its a great introduction to the subject by a several authors, each dealing with a specific topic..and it won't break the bank !!!
  6. It's also worth trying the different capture standards available, either VFW (Video for Windows) and WDM (Windows driver model), there are certainly difference between these standards. If you are still stuck drop a line to Peter Katreniach at K3Soft, he wrote the application so he'll at the very least be able to offer some advice. I had some problems with an SPC900 and having dropped him an email he came back with some usefull pointers. You can find his email address within K3CCD Tools....
  7. Mike, Thanks for the links..I found these articles pretty interesting! I'm just getting in to DSLR imaging after having previously used an SC1 modified webcam. I want to improve the quality of my DSO images and going the DSLR route seemed like the most cost effective way of doing it. I got a really good deal on a Canon EOS350D, at only £350 quid it seemed like a no brainer...
  8. Thanks for the feedback guys... In the end it came down to the price and although I think I convinced myself that the 400 would be best, I just couldn't ignore the deals available on the 350...at £350 it was just to good to be true...
  9. Janos, I think the date format catches a lot of people out, me included !..
  10. I'm thinking of getting a DSLR and the Canon EOS cameras seem a popular and well regarded model. I read a review in a recent issue of S@N Magazine that gave the older 350 the edge, principally because the rear screen of the 400 was very bright and it wasn't possible to dim this for night time use. I was wondering though, surely the fact that the focus screen is larger on the 400 must make it easier to focus on faint objects and also the fact that the 400 has an extra 2 MegaPixels wouldn't this give better images ? If anyone has any views I'd be most interested..
  11. Hi.. I've had intermittent problems with my EQ6 in the past as well. From your post it looks like you have ensured that the mount is correctly polar aligned etc before doing an alignment which is important. Check the following though; 1. Date format on the hand controller is MM-DD-YY 2. You shouldn't be selecting daylight saving yet (the clocks are adjusted at the end of this month) 3. Check your power supply, a low battery can cause curious issues with the mount. Hope this helps..
  12. I can't beleive it could have been anything artificial as it was travelling so fast...
  13. Just wondered if anyone noticed this on Saturday night? I happened to be just North of London in Welwyn Garden City with some friends on Saturday night watching the eclipse. Very shortly after totality a rather bright meteor travelled almost overhead from North to South about 30 degrees to the East of the Moon. It was strange because it appeared to be two distinct objects and there was no trail! I've never seen anything quite like it before...anyone else see it ?
  14. Hi Scott.. Now you mention it..I remember that same Ladybird book and for me too it was the "first" of many books on the subject....welcome.
  15. Many thanks C.C....that's briliant..just what I need.
  16. Hi everyone.. Does anyone have any advice or recomendations on a suitable focal reducer for use with an ED80 ? I've been looking at some of the Meade ones, but I'm not sure if these will be compatable with the ED80 (are they only for SCT's)and what sort of adapter will I need (if any) to connect one of thee to the ED80 ?, I'm interestsed in using this primarily for imaging work. Many Thanks...
  17. Wow!..I'm surprised. It just seems to me that its a lot of money for a plastic box with a few chips, the intrinsic value can only be a few quid..if that.
  18. Hi Dave, Good to see you on here...I agree...definitely a more "grown up" forum...
  19. I was after this version of the controller as well...until that is I had a chat with Optical Vision at Astrofest a few weeks back!... I couldn't believe that the actually want £200 for the V3.x...I want the sync function..but not at this price !
  20. Hi Trevor, I've only just joined this forum myself, but it struck me that you are in the same position I was a couple of years back, ie returning after "a bit of a break"...so here's my thoughts. I spent quite a while debating over which telescope to get...I really did go all around the houses before deciding on a Skywatcher ED80 and an EQ6-Pro mount. I wanted a rig that would be good for imaging (hence the ED80), but I also wanted potentially to be able to go out and get another OTA at some point and plonk it on the mount, at the time I was thinking that I might get a big Newtonian at some point (though I think I've changed my mind on this now ). Admittedly the EQ6 is overkill for the ED80...but it sure is SOLID, on the downside you certainly don't want to drop it on your toes..and you need a strong back!. I've been VERY pleased with the equipment, the GOTO works like a dream and even without the luxury of an observatory (yet!!), setup only take 15mins or so....hope this helps. Regards Steve
  21. SteveA


    Philip, I'll certainly do that...particularly as I took the difficult route (believe me..if there's a difficult way of doing something...I'll find it !)
  22. SteveA


    Hi everyone… Thought I’d better introduce myself, I joined the forum a few weeks back, but haven’t posted until now. I’ve been into astronomy since I was a kid and after a bit of a break of about 25 years!! (university, marriage, divorce, marriage, kids, job…etc…) I returned to the hobby a couple of years back. I’m pretty much interested in all areas of the subject, but on the practical side I’m most interested in imaging. I bought myself an ED80/EQ6-Pro last year and have had some pleasing results using an SC1modified SPC900 webcam that I modified myself. My biggest issue at the moment is just getting outside in the evenings, its only really possible at weekends and the weather has just been so bad, I’ve only had 3 nights out since January!. I live in West Oxfordshire, and although the skies are not to bad out there, I do suffer with street lights etc.. I did Astrofest a few weeks back and had a very enjoyable day down there…lots of lovely scopes to look at ! I attended the Saturday morning conference and particularly enjoyed the Patrick Moore, Brian May, Chris Lintott session. I’ve been a member of the S@N Magazine forum over the last year, but things are not so rosy over there just now, so I’m jumping ship so to speak. I’m hoping that I can make a valuable contribution here, but I fully expect to be asking more questions than answering them. Steve
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