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  1. Looking at the photo il guess the material is either a PE or PTFE. drop it in water , if it sinks its PTFE, floats is a PE. probably the best thing would be get a 0.5mm sheet of PTFE and cut 3 or 4 bearings so you can try them stacked like a shim to get the right results. I would think !.5 mm would be the right thickness as the part number listed is the same. The end ring on the shaft should dictate how much gap is taken up to get both bearings to mate with each surface. At least with shimming layers of 0.5mm sheet you can experiment with which gets you the best results. otherw
  2. Hello Carles; I'm trying to remember how that washer sits in there. its been quite a few years. The Material should match the other bearing you moved. Cant remember which plastic it is. PTFE is distinct in how solid white in colour it is. Its also one of the highest density plastics, weight similar to that of Aluminium. if not Teflon then its either a high molecular weight polyethylene (500 grade known as HMWPe or 1000 grade known also as UHMWPe). A PE will float in water. Nylon6 will be off white with a hint of yellow slightky denser than water. its intended to be as mu
  3. Hi Red dwarf Yes I did know Peter, although lost touch with Him as well as a whole bunch of people. Exchanged a few replies on another chat forum recently. I just had to edit what I wrote as I spotted that I typed Your instead of You're then noticed some gobbeldigook so had to straighten some sentences out
  4. Thank you for the welcome everyone. Firstly Ive got to say to David, have you still got it? I'm kicking myself for not getting round to setting myself up with my own 8 or 10" on the SP mount. although I had ideas of stripping the mount down. Cutting off some of the latitude section from the RA body and replacing the Vixen section that sits on the tripod with something more akin to the twin shark fin set up either side of the RA body that Rob and Peter designed for the PM mounts. Also use that opportunity to change the paint finish of the mount and tube. Even so that's an ideal set up I w
  5. Thank you for the Welcome I was thinking ideally 8"+reflector. My fave is DSO"s although who doesn't enjoy a proper look at the planets. I did have a play around with 3colour composites of Jupiter back in the days of emulsion. I worked for Minolta for a while and remember vividly after we were messing with one of the first digital camera backs (which only gave images in green) a colleague saying "Well there's one thing we know for certain. There will never ever be a day when digital takes the place of emulsion film in photography!" I thought well I'm sure it wasn't that long ago where som
  6. Here I am letting life get in the way of astronomy. Now that itch to immerse myself in something more than the occasional snippet of astronomical titbits over the broad media or the glance up at a clear sky with the daunting realization that I'm forgetting what's up there. I've started to delve into the current world of Amateur Astronomy. Why the Title? I'm sure maybe a few here would see the name Luton and recall wasn't there a few Telescope manufactures there. Well yes and during the mid to late 80's I was at Astro Systems/Astro Promotions. Found myself in Norwich for 20 years and for
  7. Astro Systems back page.htmlHello Ibraidwo, Firstly I'll mention the fact that I used to work at Astro Systems / Astro promotions during the 80's. I can confirm that this is an Astro Systems 6" F6 newtonian. Of course the mirrors are from David Hinds. While I was experimenting with some things, I asked him for any optical flats as seconds as they were not going to any customer. What too him was a huge casum of a defect was so tiny that it just goes to show his high standards and why he had such a reputaion. I noticed this scope has a different focus mount to the Vixen mounts
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