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  1. Yea this update worked on my samsung also. I actually downloaded the Experimental 1.19.12 version. Synscan responded to my email and it was the correct download to use. Experimental 1.19.12
  2. I was wondering if anyone has been having problems after the latest Android 11 version update. It seems the only app it affected was my synscan pro app. It starts to open then closes immediately. I uninstalled it and re-installed but still same results. Thanks for any help! Well I emailed the developer thru google play store but haven't heard anything back. I also downloaded the other synscan app it it doesn't open either. This update didn't cause any problems with any of my other apps, just synscan. I can't even use my mount without it. Even handsets are all out of stock.
  3. Yea I have been able to find the celestron ones, but I don't need the bracket or the illuminated eyepiece. A little pricey with everything. I may have to settle for the whole bundle and have spare parts. Lol Thanks for the reply! Bobby
  4. Are RACI 9x50 scopes all the same size? I just put a telrad on my cpc800 but I like the idea of taking my straight 9x50 off and put a RACI finder on it. I would not want to have to change my mounts tho'. Here's my present setup.
  5. I just bought one of these power tanks. I didn't get the pro though as all I need it for is to power my cpc800. It seemed to have good reviews. I just hate dragging an extension cord out. Thought this would be the perfect thing.
  6. So I built me a small tripod dolly to tote this thing across the house. Better than carrying this thing to the garage. Lol
  7. Man, now I know why this was packed up. Lugging a 60lb telescope around all the time gets old fast. Lol
  8. So a little while back I bought a used C90 Mak and then just bought a Skywatcher az-gte mount for it. I'm having soo much fun with it that it's making me go ahead and get my Celestron CPC 800 xlt out of it's boxes. I wound up packing it up because I don't have a permanent place to set it up and I have to keep carrying it back into the house. I've been taking a few pics with my C90 but I know I can get better pics out of my 800. I just ordered a celestron power pack so I don't have to mess with an extension cord. It took me a while to save up for my 800 so I figure I need to start getting my
  9. I know this post is a little dated but I have a pair of Sakura 20-180x 100mm binoculars. I bought them probably 8 yrs ago. I use them mostly for looking for oilrigs out on long lease properties. I get a decent FOV with them also. I have used them to look at the moon occasionally. They actually aren't that bad. I think I paid $80 for them. The only thing I don't like about them is they don't have a base to put them on a tripod. That becomes a problem when I zoom all the way to 180. Hard to stabilize them.
  10. Thanks for the info Alex. I was thinking of using the illuminated eyepiece during alignment. Thinking after finding the stars, I can best center them in the eyepiece and get a more accurate alignment.
  11. So my finder scope on my C90 is basically useless with it mounted in my sky-watcher mount. So I'm thinking of getting an illuminated finder scope to mount on my C90 so I can use it better. But I have also seen illuminated eyepieces (12.5mm). Does anyone have any ideas which would be better or both? I was looking at one of those Telrad scopes but it seems kind of big. Advice on the Telrad also. Thanks, Bobby
  12. Well so far I have Stellarium, solar system scope, skyportal and skysafari. Gonna play with them all and see which one I like best. Lol
  13. Ok, looks like I need to play with it more. It's odd that the present time doesn't show and I have to scale it to the present time. I didn't realize that the screen was showing actual solar system but was not at the right time. Lol Also, I never got into all the depths of astronomy, like star names and stuff. Mostly just a planet watcher. I was just looking more at the app and like how it shows more stuff like M31 and names of the actual constellations. Thanks for making me look at it closer! Bobby
  14. Yea I'm gonna get a baader solar film for it just to at least glance at it. Another question please? I was thinking of getting another baader film for my Celestron CPC 800. Can I get decent pics with that? Thanks for the help! Bobby
  15. Wow, that's awesome! Is there anyway of getting anything close to your views with a little C90 mak?
  16. Yea I just downloaded the stellarium app on my android. Won't let me do much without paying for it.
  17. I can't seem to find that thread. Can you link it please? I'm using Solar System Scope. Works ok, but wondering if something else is better. Thanks Bobby
  18. Looks like we have a winner!! I have 3 of these. They are all on Celestron Plossl lenses. Two are Nexstar and one an Omni. They work great and I'm looking to get a couple more to put on some other lenses so I don't have to keep taking them off. Thank you M40!! My only other question would be if all T-rings are M42 threaded? If so, these are the adapters I have.
  19. Thanks for the replies. Guess I'll check out one of those Baaders!
  20. So I'm wanting to get a sun filter for my little C90 Mak. Is this one a decent filter? Solar filter
  21. Well I've searched every which way I could. M42 objective adapter, M42 to lens adapter, etc..... Nothing. The threaded end screws right into my t-ring so it can have any lip on it as the threaded end is pointed inward at my camera. I wonder if this is just an old style or just not made anymore? It has 3 small allen screws that secure it to the collar of the lens. Just have to remove the rubber relief and mount it there.
  22. I actually bought a variable adapter. It's for 1.25 eyepieces but the only lens that fits into it is my 8mm. The rest are all a little too fat to go into the body of the adapter. The t-ring adapter that I'm looking for work great with my lenses. I can just screw them straight to the t-ring on my camera and drop it in to the telescope.
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