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  1. Alas, I’m quite a small woman with a bad back so no ‘man-up juice’, as you put it, to be had. The Dob on its base weighs about 25kg and is the size and shape of a water heater, I can just barely lift it and move it about by myself. A Nexstar 8SE by contrast appears to weigh slightly more than half that weight fully assembled? If it’s bulky but light, or heavy but not bulky, I’ll be fine, it’s the combination that’s kept my scope in the garage for all this time. The AP is something I’m more looking to try and see if I enjoy it before investing in proper kit for it. Better views is obviously rel
  2. Thanks all for the replies! I'm 100% set on getting rid of the Dob at this point, but this gives me plenty to think about At the moment I am leaning towards the SCT on an EQ mount, but the CC is a very interesting option as well! Then to decide on a size...
  3. Hi all, thanks in advance for your help! I've owned a Skywatcher 200p Dobsonian for the past few years, and got some really nice views out of it. But overall I've never really got along with it, it's simply too big/heavy/awkward for me to comfortably move around and as such has spent most of its life in the garage instead of observing! I'm getting back into the hobby lately and am looking for something I can replace it with, but I'm having trouble deciding what to go with. Requirements Mainly visual observing, with the plan to do some casual AP Good views of both planets
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