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  1. Thanks Nikolas74 & Pixies. All great information! As you mention I will seek some information from the local club and get their take as well.
  2. There is one, but they are pretty dormant right now and don't have any star parties planned in the near future
  3. Thanks Carl & Pixies! Carl - I totally get what you're saying, and the 10" DOB being 35lb's for just the tube alone vs. 25lb of the 8" does make me question if sticking with an 8" is better for manageability. But again I'm mainly going to be using this in my backyard. I could see myself lugging it to a dark sky area maybe a couple times a year, who knows. I'm 46 and in decently strong so I think I can manage the 10" but again I've never even seen a DOB in person, let alone lifted an 8" or 10" and walked it around. As a crude test I lifted a 25lb & 35lb dumbbells over my should
  4. SuperchargeYourObservingExperience-1.docx Thanks on the replies so far, I'm attaching the doc that Dave from HPS sent me if anyone is interested to flip through it. He sounded like he's been at this for years and I don't doubt what he says and knows. That said, no offense to him or what he's done but I wasn't wowed by any of the pictures in his writeup. Maybe they look better and more detailed than what I'd see through the eye piece, but IMHO they pale in comparison to other pictures I've seen on the internet. But most important to me is they are just pictures on a screen and don't co
  5. To add another analogy that's a little more close to the heart. I guess I feel like the planets, stars, and nebula are heavenly, other worldly, almost Godly. And seeing them through eye pieces even if dim or very faint and fighting through light pollution, yet it's real, like you can see God with your own eyes. However to pipe that through a camera, and then onto my laptop computer screen where even know I'd be able to see things in much more detail, it would somehow seem synthetic and fake, and I might as well just view DSO pictures on the internet Don't get me wrong I love stars and
  6. Hello everyone! I'm new here and to astronomy, was looking to get my first scope (Apertura AD8) mainly for backyard viewing of DSO's, placed an order which is backordered until March, and??? Since then I recently discovered I live in a red zone according to https://darksitefinder.com/... Question is, does & should red zone light pollution affect what equipment I should get and is an 8" DOB no longer a good choice as a first scope? Little more background: After months of online research (as I'm not able to see or try anything in person sadly) I finally ordered the 8" DOB above
  7. Hi all, First time scope buyer and I put in an order for an 8" DOB, but it's on back order, and as I wait I'm reconsidering if I should get the 10" DOB instead as I've read a lot of people think galaxies & DSO's really start coming to life at 10" and above. I do not want anything bigger than a 10" for a first scope for sure. The $200 cost difference between the 8 & 10 is doable and I think I can manage the extra weigh of the 10", however I've read that faster scopes (the 10" being f/4.9) can have something called a coma when viewing things. And from what I've read people say it
  8. To the OP (if you're still tracking this thread), I believe the answer is your 700mm scope is essentially a 14x power lens when shooting prime. Now from there you could use a Barlow, or perhaps an adapter capable of containing eye pieces, but doing this on a scope with a manual mount may be self defeating honestly. I've never done this myself but once my setup arrives I'll be giving it a try on my 8" DOB. I think it will work okay for the moon, all bets are off on anything else The FOV (field-of-view) on a 35mm camera with a 50mm lens is debatably close to the FOV for the normal eye,
  9. Regarding collimation, I've never done it, but watched / read a bit about it. Sounds straight forward although one needs a collimator of course. I've been looking at FLO's website, sorry if this is another silly question but I'm assuming they are UK based? Anyone know if they have a foothold in the US or ship to the US. Seems like due to Covid19 everyone and their mother (including me) is wanting a scope, lol Thanks again for all the sound advice!!!
  10. Thank you everyone for replying! Wow, what a great forum . I hadn't heard of FLO, but I'm guessing based off their pricing they are UK based? Do they ship to the US? Their prices are good... I probably should clarify from my OP that my daughters aren't young at 17 & 19. I'm certainly the one with the biggest interest in astronomy at this time, however that could change if / when I get a scope, and the point was if my wife or kids ever wanted to use the scope and I happened to be busy or something, could they move it, set it up & take it down the stairs all on their own? In
  11. Hello everyone, After impulse buying this 80mm refractor a year ago, being very underwhelmed and returning it, I've stepped back and done a lot of researching of scopes & astronomy (mainly online due to Covid19). Now that I have a little better perspective on things I'm looking to get my first "real" scope and would welcome some advice. A lot of things I read and seen seem to suggest an 8" DOB being a good beginner scope one can grow into, without breaking the bank. Thus I'm leaning towards the Apertura AD8 with a Barlow & maybe additional lenses down the road, but again I welc
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