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  1. Oh and my camera is, Canon EOS 1000D if that helps :S
  2. Hi, I recently bought a 2x barlow lens with T tread, which connects to a Canon EOS T ring. I Connected the Barlow and ring together, with the camera also attached. When I tried to take some photo's a few nights ago, they were all VERY magnified and zoomed in. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to attach a lens somewhere? Also is it possible to attach my 0-III Filter? My telescope is: Sky Watcher Auto tracking Skyliner 250-P Flextube F/1200 dob.
  3. I've just been out to test the focal length, it seems my camera is too far away from the focal point. So I will have to buy that T-Ring, thanks for the help!!
  4. Thanks for all the replies! I do have that 2" adaptor, so it seems that is the problem!
  5. It is helpful to change settings on the camera, but I still can't focus my camera on objects through the eyepiece slot Do I need an eyepiece in the adapter or something?
  6. Hi, Sorry but I'm a total novice to Astrophotography! I recently bought a Canon 1000D camera and also a 2" eyepiece adapter to connect it to my 10" DOB. I have no problem connecting it to the telescope. However, when I try to find an object in the sky and take an image, I always seem to get an image of the primary/secondary mirror? How do I focus the camera to view the stars to take a photo? I have tried focusing with the telescope rack, but nothing changes. Please help!
  7. Thanks for the help!! I will try this out and try to approach from the right direction to reduce the slack, many thanks!!!
  8. I use Star Walk for the iPhone, it costs a few £ but is WELL worth it. You just point you phone up and it shows what you're looking at Also you can configure your location by aiming it at the bright moon, how clever is that?!?
  9. Hi, I have a Skywater Skyliner 250P Autotracking dobsonian. I have have been trying to use the auto tracking function but seem to be having some trouble. I have input my latitude and when I turn it on have it pointing north, like instructed. I also make sure it is on level ground. But when I turn the auto tracking on (When viewing Jupiter for instance) the object drifts up slowly over time. Am I doing something wrong? Also, when I try to lower the telescope when tracking, it seems to jolt down before slewing slowly? I'm hoping it's something I'm doing wrong as I paid the extra for the auto tracking, but don't seem to be able to get it working!!! Many thanks, Adam
  10. Once again many thanks for the quick replies! So it seems I should just get a light pollution filter and a dew shield, to get me started. Anything else is just an extra to enhance images once I've got used to using it? Adam
  11. Thanks for all the very useful, quick replies!! So Sky max 127 is a good place to start I guess! One last question would be, What about filters? What are they for, and what one's are recommended? Many thanks! Adam
  12. I'm new to astronomy and was wondering if I could get some advice on buying my first telescope. I have found one which seems interesting and easy to use. It's a Sky watcher, Sky Max 127 A-Z GOTO. You can see it here: Sky Watcher SkyMax 127 SynScanTM AZ GOTO 127mm Maksutov-Cassegrain I was just wondering what I might be able to see with it. It's a 5 inch reflecting telescope I think? Thanks, Adam
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