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  1. Is there any better way to focus it than the focusing knobs because they didnt really do much
  2. Ive tried it with all 3 eyepieces and with the angle prism what accessories do you recommend
  3. Recently got a jessops 900 - 70 telescope I followed the instructions to set it up I think i did it right but i don't know how to view stuff and what to do it came with a 20mm eyepiece a 12.5mm eyepiece and a 4mm eyepiece a barlow lense an erecting lens and an angle prism the instructions doesn't tell you anything after how to assemble it i have tried the view the moon through it from the inside of my house through the window but all i saw was white when i looked through it i tried to focus it using the focusing knobs but it didn't get better what stuff should i be doing? which lenses should
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