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  1. Got up at 5am this morning went to get my gear ready and then mist came down plus it was low which didnt help with the trees around me so knocked it on the head and went back to bed. I will try again in the morning
  2. In my line of work we import some products from China and during the last 12 months things have obviously been crazy. We had to charter flights which meant the transport cost was 3 times more than the value of the goods but our customers need it so paid the fee's. In normal times if we did fly goods in it took 7 to10 days now its 6 weeks. I'm assuming the telescope retailers are not 150m turnover business like where I work so will go down the container route which is 2 months give or take in normal times from factory to front door so to speak. We have very good fright and s
  3. me, you and about 100,000 others it appears.........good luck
  4. Its collection only near Portsmouth I'm Manchester but thanks for the heads up really appreciate it
  5. Hi I'm looking to start Astrophotography after being more of an observer the last couple of years on my old scopes. I can't afford new so I'm looking for Skywatcher refractor 72/80/102 OTA only plus I'm on the look out for a reflector but it has to be the 130PDS. Happy to collect within a couple of hours of Manchester and also willing to pay postage if further afield. Fingers crossed Damian
  6. Hello everyone, From the clear sky capital of the UK..................................Manchester! Looking forward to talking to others and learning more, just starting Astrophotography in the New Year after mosty observing for the last year or so. I've been practicing with my phone and doing vids and then stacking them in Registax and woefuly editing them in GIMP. Got a Skywatcher Heritage 130P which I love and will be purchasing a 72ED refractor soon plus DSLR or Telescope camera (I'm yet to make my mind up) Cheers Damian
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