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  1. Sorry to resurrect an old topic, but did you get on with this setup? Did the synguider work with the star adventurer? I’ve seen a few questions about it but no definitive answers where someone has tried it due to the synguider correcting 2 axes, but the SA only using 1. Did that position of the guide scope work well in the end?
  2. I also like the usb too. Im only using a modest rig but want to stay as portable as possible, so this works well. I realise staying portable has its limitations but I’m good with that for now.
  3. Thanks For the suggestions. I got the Coowoo heater from Amazon pretty quickly so no problem now. Nearly went down the hand warmers solution as a temporary measure, and my wife would have quickly knocked up a holder for them as she’s a dab hand on a sewing machine but I figured easier to just get the right thing in the first instance.
  4. Good to know. I figured it was ok if lots are doing this but was honestly quite surprised at how much condensation had gathered on them and was, in a couple of places, starting to freeze!
  5. Thanks for the recommendations all - if noticed the Coowoo ones and they seem to have a lot of good reviews on Amazon so ordered a couple on different sizes to see what they’re like.
  6. Hi, new here, and have already done a bit of reading about this topic today but looking for specific recommendations rather than me taking a stab in the dark on amazon etc. I finally got all of my kit out last night and thought regardless of the moonlight that I’d have my first practice run at some imaging with my new (to me) setup, which is as follows: - Star Adventurer Pro 2i - Canon 6D - canon 75-300mm lens - currently no hood - wireless Pixel intervalometer Got everything aligned for the first time which took me a short while to do, played with some exp
  7. Hi, sorry if I’m resurrecting a dead thread, but is this still available for sale? If so, very interested.
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