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  1. Hi there I am trying to find a book that shows both the stars and the mythological characters that the constellations represent. I know you can toggle this on and off in Stellarium but I wanted a book with the stars and the graphics in the same map, Does anyone have any suggestions please? Many thanks Martin West Sussex
  2. Just taken a look outside to see if there is anything visible in the southeast, or to try and locate Lovejoy again and guess what? Yes, the clouds have rolled in. I can make out a crescent moon just above the horizon.
  3. Hi Dan. I live on the edge of the South Downs National Park, between Chichester and Arundel. Anything you can do to reduce unnecessary ambient light gets my vote. Best wishes Martin
  4. I did see something just to the south west of Spica. Very faint in the binos and so I couldn't be certain whether it was ISON or not. Dawn sky now getting bright so maybe another attempt when the moon is out of the way.
  5. Have just managed to find Lovejoy. On the edge of naked eye visibility, due to the moon, but once you know where it is relatively easy to locate again. It looked great in the 10 x 50s. Spica is rising slowly but the moon is still flooding everywhere with light and dawn approaches. Time for a quick caffeine intake before a last try.
  6. Similar here is West Sussex - clear skies but a very bright moon. Spica sitting very low close to the eastern horizon. Tried to find Lovejoy but so much moonlight I didn't succeed.
  7. Does anyone know what the weather forecast is for tonight and tomorrow? One site I checked was predicating around 75% cloud cover tonight but clear tomorrow for West Sussex.
  8. Just got in myself. Had a couple of goes at trying to find it without success. Came in and fired up Stellarium and then went back out. I saw it though my 10 x 50s; it was very low in the NW and looks more smudge like than anything else. No doubt this is due to its low elevation. At least I know where to look now so hopefully get the scope set up and have another go - weather permitting.
  9. Had several attempts from my home location (near Chichester) but either found trees in the way or low cloud on the horizon obscuring the view. Only hope is that the cold and clear weather will continue for a night or two more and give me some more opportunities. Martin
  10. These are some great suggestions. Many thanks to all you you. Wishing you clear skies and warm feet
  11. Great, many thanks for these suggestions. I will certainly look into this further.
  12. I recently read in a photography magazine article that a landscape photographer wears a pair of insulated overboots to keep his feet warm. Given that standing around outside with the telescope can result in cold feet I wondered if anyone had experience of using these? I have searched on the Internet but can only find such things in the US or Canada. You can get mountaineering boots in the UK but they seem very expensive; in the order of £200. Just wondered if anyone knows of a UK source for insulated overboots or what you wear to keep you feet warm on cold frosty nights.
  13. Thanks Rae I don't get that so I will go back into the settings and make sure I have everything ticked that should be Best wishes Martin
  14. I would like to add my thanks for this excellent article. I never knew Stellarium had so many features. I have set the program up as described but I do have one query. Having selected the Ocular view you say that you 'cycle through the eyepiece tab at the top right until you get the one you are using in your 'real telescope'. I get the eyepiece tab in the top right but cannot work out how I can cycle to select the correct eyepiece. Can you give me a clue please? Many thanks Martin
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