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  1. Thanks for your thoughts people. I’ve ordered an ASiAir pro, a guide scope and a pair of Zwo Cameras. An electric focuser seems a good but expensive option so I’ll try to source a reasonably price one in the future. I’ll report back with my adventure.
  2. That could be a good solution. The ASiair looks like a solid bit of kit that might be plug and play. I’m going to get hold of one and give it a whirl. Thanks very much.
  3. Ah a long USB cable, if only it were that simple. I’m not certain what should be at one end of it .
  4. Hank’s for the welcome. The trouble is searching, its doing my head in. What is comparable with what is an absolute minefield. One step forward one step back. Still its better than gardening.
  5. Hi guys and gals. This my first post so please be gentle. I’m getting myself very confused and wonder if you guys could help me. I have the following. William Optics Zenith 61 Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Pro mount What I’d like to do is control things from inside my conservatory. I’m thinking I need a guide scope and camera, maybe WO and Zwo Colour. I have an IMac, IPad Pro and an Acer Laptop In an ideal world I’d like to use one of the Macs and not the Windows thing. I also have a Rasberry Pi 4 but I’d prefer to sell it on.
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