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  1. Many thanks for your input, everyone. Really great idea with determining the mirror focal length. After looking at prices including OO's website for mirrors close to the required spec it seems to make a lot of financial sense to look at a new OTA, however I'll place a wanted advert and see what comes up. Clear skies!
  2. Many thanks for the replies. Unfortunately SN10's seem to be a bit of a rare beast. I had a search through the UK astrobuysell adverts and they don't come up very often (in this part of the world, at least). I'm still concerned by the discussion of "matched optics"; I could end up with two sets of incompatible optics. Still, I suppose a wanted advert might be worth a try in case someone has their orphaned primary sitting on a shelf in their shed.
  3. Due to an unfortunate accident my SN10 primary mirror is broken. While it was an unwieldy beast and pretty much required a complete rebuild when I got it from the previous owner I really loved it. My understanding, thanks to discussions between owners of this OTA, is that the SN10 used a spherical mirror. However Meade's representative did not wish to confirm this "proprietary information" after stating that they could not sell me a replacement. So, I'm stuck with a bit of a quandary: do I roll the dice and attempt to get a spherical mirror constructed? (I doubt that non-parabolic
  4. Hi everyone on the island of Ireland and beyond. I had to put astronomy on hold for a few years as I was working away from home on a fairly demanding job (and we welcomed a new arrival into the universe who I've noted avidly watches the moon from her cot when the clouds permit). I'm back in a position that I can dust off my telescopes and I am looking forward to more observing/imaging sessions. Clear skies, everyone!
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