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  1. How about this scope if I can stretch to it. Thoughts appreciated! Celestron ADVANCED VX 8 EDGE HD Telescope - Widescreen Centre (widescreen-centre.co.uk)
  2. Hi Nebula I know this post is very old, just wondered what you went for in the end, as I am in the same boat now as you were then! I'm looking to get into astrophotography (realise an EM is best), and was looking at the 12i and 12g (later with tracking which I would prefer|) v a Celestron 8SE If anyone else has thoughts appreciated too as have seen such varying reports!
  3. Just to add to the above... Of course I realise in an ideal world I need an GEM, trouble is I cannot afford it at this stage. As a beginner to astrophotography (I am an avid DSLR camera user and amateur cosmologist for decades) I was looking at something in my price range that I could later get a GEM but that would satisfy my initial desire to get some half decent deep sky images stacked etc, as well as of course the planets, and saw on this short 5min video that results without a GEM are indeed good enough for the beginner just getting into it. https://youtu.be/6uXbF5hF3rQ I ca
  4. Hi everyone. I am particularly interested in moving up to astrophotography and looking to purchase either a Celestron 8SE (without eq mount as cannot afford) or an Orion SkyQuest XX12i or g (not sure the difference between i and g) or Skyquest XT10G. Portability is not an issue for me and I have mains power supply in my garden for an adaptor power supply. I have a Canon 6D. For sure want to photograph the planets, in particular to get best shots poss of Saturn and moons but for sure want to get deep sky stuff in as much detail and colour as possible. Different mounts won't be an option at thi
  5. Hi, I am just purchasing a Celestron 8SE and the bits to attach my Canon EOS 6D to start getting into Astrophotopgraphy I will start of with the planets, moons etc but will soon venture into deep sky objects (aware of the limitations with the mount but from this 5 min video Celestron NexStar 8 SE - Astrophotography - YouTube I see the results are good enough when starting out, can always change the mount later) Anyway just after advice of what additional lenses to get...8SE just comes with a 25mm. Read mixed reports, one of which says around 6mm good for Saturn. Others are saying go
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