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  1. There’s probably a long thread of these somewhere already but my wife is howling with laughter at this recent conversation... Me, “There’s something in the night sky definitely worth getting my telescope out for” Wife, already sniggering, “what are you looking at?” Me, “Something just under Orion’s Belt.” Wife now crying laughing.
  2. Thanks everyone! Hey Mark, I’ve got an SW heritage 150P which was recommended here and I’m really impressed with so far Jasonb and Paz, thanks for the recommendations, I’ll be too drunk to try them tomorrow, hopefully Friday Moonshed, I’m feeling you, the scope arrived nearly a week ago and I had to wait five nights before there was even a sniff of an opening
  3. Hello all, Second night viewing on my first telescope. Mars was so disappointing last night but tonight found the Pleiades cluster and it’s absolutely blooming brilliant. I’m totally hooked now. Thanks for all the great advice on this friendly and welcoming forum (much nicer than the Fiesta ST owners club which is my only other forum). Cheers, Isaac
  4. Thank you for the advice! This is exactly what I need. Cheers, Isaac
  5. Hi, I wasn’t using a Barlow but now I think about it the frame appeared when Mars was very large in the viewer. Probably my expectations of how big it should be we’re unrealistic Thanks for the quick answer, I’ve been really impressed how welcoming this forum is. Isaac
  6. Sorry if I’ve made a stupid beginners mistake but can anyone help with the following? I’ve bought myself my first telescope, a Skywatcher Heritage 150P flextube and tonight was the first clear night to have my first views. I checked the collimation before hand and it was fine. I live outside Newcastle in a small village and it seem pretty dark in our back garden. I started with the moon which was crisp and clear with good definition of craters. I then moved to Mars which was easy to find but when I tried to focus I got a red disc but with the secondary mirror shadow (circle
  7. Hi, I also got the Heritage 150P for Christmas as a first telescope and this thread has given me loads of targets for the first clear night when I finally get one! So than you from me too. Cheers, Isaac
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