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  1. If you mean via the camera then I seriously hope not but I suppose I'll have to consider it as a possibility. I've posted a question about this problem elsewhere so hopefully someone will be able to shed some light on it. Thanks for your thought Kevin they are much appreciated.
  2. I'm glad you noticed that Kevin because I've noticed it too. It only appears to have shown up since I started using the reducer filter wheel combo, I'm not really sure what's causing it but I'd like to get rid of it if I could. It is always in the same place so I'm wondering if it is some kind of internal reflection but to be honest I haven't got a clue.
  3. Hi all, These two are from last night, I only managed 90 mins on NGC 281 because I was totally shot by 2.30 so I packed up and went to bed. As for NGC 6960, I wish I'd placed it slightly higher in the frame and then I might have managed to get more of the surrounding nebulosity. Usual set up
  4. Hi Martyn and welcome to SGL
  5. Great capture Richie, I'd love to have a go at this but it's never going to happen from where I live
  6. Roy

    Sadr Region

    I've pushed this a little more but it's a bit noisy mainly due to the carp sky conditions last night.
  7. I was hoping to spend at least 3 hours or so imaging a small part of the Sadr region tonight unfortunately I only managed to grab 5 subs before giving up because the conditions were rubbish. I guess I'll have to go back to this another time and maybe do a mosaic. Anyway the set up was the usual WO66SD + WO 0.8 x Reducer Atik 314L Guiding WO Megrez 90 - QHY5 - Guidemaster 5 x 600s Ha
  8. Shame about the lost data Olly but a great image despite that
  9. That's really nice Sam, it's not an easy one to get right.
  10. Roy

    Rain Sensor

    Don't know about that particular one although it looks very similar but Peter Shah uses a rain sensor maybe he can offer some advice. Here is Peters in action
  11. Roy


    Hi all I popped out last night for an hour and ended up staying out until 2am, trouble was I had to be up for a 12 hour shift at 6am This didn't come out as well as I was hoping. Usual set up.
  12. Nicely done cat, the bubble is one of my favorites
  13. Roy

    Dartford here!

    Hi chris and welcome to SGL You could look up the Orpington astro society they might be able to help you out.
  14. Great start Arran I know what you mean about those halos, I suffer from the same problem. Apart from that you've captured some really nice detail m8.
  15. I was about to say the same to you m8
  16. Now where have I seen that before A very nice image m8, you're right about the little 66SD, it does a great job considering the cost.
  17. Another nice image steve, plenty to look at with this one, well done m8
  18. Nice going cat, plenty of faint fuzzies in there m8
  19. Hi all, Took advantage of another clear night last night although I'm totally done in this morning. WO 66SD + WO MKII 0.8 Reducer Atik 314L Guiding - WO Megrez 90 - QHY5 - Guidemaster 24 X 600s Ha
  20. Roy

    IC 1795

    Sorry Tony I forgot to include that bit of info but you are right, I'm using a WO MkII Reducer/Flattener Seems to work quite well.
  21. Roy

    IC 1795

    No giggling at the back For a change I totally ignored the weather forecast and thank god I did because instead of the predicted cloud cover we had one of the nicest nights we've had in a long time. The milky way was visible which is a rarity in these parts. I actually spent a couple of hours sitting in the garden with a bottle of Magners just looking up and taking it all in while the imaging set up was doing it's thing in the obsy. Has to be the most enjoyable and most relaxing night I've had in ages. I chose IC 1795 as I've only ever imaged it once before. Usual set up WO66SD Atik 314L Guiding - WO Megrez 90 - QHY5 - Guidemaster 21 x 600s Ha
  22. Hi ya Andy, I used to have a C8 and ED80 on my old CG5 and it coped okay, although I was probably pushing my luck a bit Here's a pic of my old set up.
  23. Nice start Richie, keep banging those subs out m8. Lovely and clear in my neck of the woods for a change
  24. Still clear in Peterborough and I can make out the milk way too, which is good from here Saw a cracking meteor at about 11.50 just to top things off
  25. Looking nice here,not sure how long it will last though
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