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  1. Thanks for the support lads, Mick I think I may have broken one of the bearings because I found what looks like a part of the carrier and a tiny ball bearing ......... oh dear
  2. Hi all, I had a major disaster last night whilst setting up my kit after my kelling trip, like a complete idiot (kept that clean for you) I managed to tread on the usb lead that goes to my Atik 314L the result being a very bent plug on the end of the lead but as you might have guessed by the title of this thread, it doesn't stop there, I also managed to impart some unwanted pressure on the focuser draw tube and something inside broke. The draw tube no longer moves in or out, so my question is this, should I buy a new WO focuser or should I upgrade to something better I just hope I haven't damage the camera too
  3. Cheers gents Nothing from jess yet Phil
  4. Hi all, Seems like forever since I've posted an image so here are 2 I managed to grab whilst at kelling heath. I had loads of software issues on the first night and the guiding was all over the place all weekend for some reason. Crescent WO Megrez 90 Guiding WO 66SD - QHY5 - Guidemaster 12 X 10mins Ha Bubble WO 66SD Guiding WO Megrez 90 - QHY5 - Guidemaster 24 X 10 mins Ha
  5. That's what I like about this forum, a great bunch of people who are only to happy to help others out if they can.
  6. Hi ya Dave and welcome to SGL
  7. 2009 was not that good for me, I only had two images that I was happy with, one of Sh2-171 and one of the Rosette nebula, I would have to say that I think the Rosette is my best image so far, probably because it was captured from Kelling Heath and not from my light polluted garden.
  8. That's a good start on a very nice object, I take my hate off to you mate, I tried imaging at f10 ONCE and gave up, it was a PITA
  9. Well you didn't miss much mate Nice to see you back at it Alan
  10. Hi Jeff and welcome to the forum.
  11. That's really nice Richie, looks like the new scope is going to be a winner.
  12. Great result Chris, unguided too, well done mate.
  13. Oh I can tell it's been a while I started imaging IC 410 last night but I was feeling lazy so I only partially slid the roof back on the obsy and yep you guessed it, I went out later in the evening to find out that I'd been imaging the underside of the roof for over an hour, that'll teach me Anyway not great results but It's all good fun IC 410 - 10 X 10 mins Ha IC 405 - 9 X 10 mins Ha
  14. Hi all, Managed to get out last night for a while, first time since Kelling in September and as you'd expect, nothing wanted to work properly After a lot of messing about I finally got up and running. Not much to show for it though, full moon didn't help but still nice to be out again. WO 66SD - WO 0.8 Reducer Guiding - WO Megrez 90 - QHY5 - Guidemaster 14 X 600s Ha
  15. Hi Cazagee and welcome to the forum
  16. Welcome to SGL Adam, You'll be happy to know that there's a very good Astro retailer near you who will be only to happy to take all of your hard earned off of you
  17. And with the QHY5 you'll also be getting a nice lunar cam as well
  18. Hi Alex, Is this it? http://stargazerslounge.com/equipment-help/90634-portable-permanent-obsy.html
  19. Oooh, I wasn't expecting that, I'm well chuffed though
  20. Hi Keith Initially the first alignment star can be a fare way off, After slewing to your first alignment star, loosen the clutch knobs and move the scope manually until the star is in the center of your ep, tighten both clutch knobs. You'll find that the next alignment will be more accurate.
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