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  1. I told them i repaired it and it is now working fine i purchased my mount from BH and its board had both ic glued. I bought it almost 12 month ago. I don't know if the glued ics is a new thing from SW or it is an old thing and they stopped doing it.
  2. UPDATE microgloble.co.uk responded with the following: "Please accept my sincere apologies for the delayed response. These motherboards are supplied to us by OVL. They're the official SkyWacher distributor in the UK. All items we sell are brand new and never opened. Please note that these motherboards are very delicate. They cannot be repaired once damaged, and they've no warranty" It is now hard to clarify if the previous repair was done by SW or OLV!
  3. thank you for your reply. I checked RS where i live. unfortunately they required a minimum order of 35pc of that specific chip which totals around 100$ to be customs cleared and delivered. Instead I went for this https//a.aliexpress.com/_mKgC5ZF listing indicates it is an original. they seems ok so far but will see how long it will last! It is true a very rewarding and satisfying experience for me. I had little knowledge with simple soldering and breadboards i learned few years ago from working with arduino projects. This repair was a whole new thing for me and i enjoyed it.
  4. thank you all for this great thread. I had two broken heq5 boards. for some unknown reason both got bricked suddenly after few months of use between a windows laptop and a raspberry pi. I am using eqdir cable from FLO. I Was able to purchase PIC16F886 chips from Aliexpress 10pcs for 10$ + the programmer for another $10. I repaired one of the boards and it is now working perfectly and will try to fix the other one and keep it as a spare. One of the boards I purchased new from microglobe.co.uk and died four months after. Upon repairing it i found one of the chips to be not gl
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