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  1. thanks for all of your replies ! iv had a good read through them all and will also look into bino's too. I could perhaps spend up to £150 if it makes any difference lol The star in question is on the leo miner, i havnt got the exact coordinates to hand but i know my partner paid extra for a star which is brighter than the rest so hopefully fingers crossed it wont be hard to find. if i was to buy a telescope what would you guys recommend brand wise ? whats best to avoid etc again thanks for all the replies people really appreciate it
  2. Hey everyone ! Hope your all doing as well as you can be with this pandemic ! Im completely new to this stuff, im looking for some advice on the right telescope kit to buy. I dont want to be spending too much cause like im new and wanting to try it out, just hoping you guys have got some suggestions for telescopes for the value. Mainly wanting to look at stars (my stepdad passed away 3 weeks ago and my partner bought a "name a star" for him and would love to see it properly) and im interested in see the planets like the rings and stuff too Any help would be very appreciated !
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