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  1. Well that is pretty much spot on ! it's as if the whole point of QM is to not QM !
  2. Ah fair play I appreciate your response .... I suspected my understanding of the origins and development of the universe as we currently understand it are not understood yet fully by myself, (to be fair I only started to understand quantum mechanics last weekend) I will be sure to check out the book you reccomended. thank you
  3. Yeah I think that is a valid point as it would be perhaps more likely to be environmental .... although the frequency of external bodies hitting the earth carrying microbes that can survive the space journey might be plausable too... either way it could of been possible on both fronts and as we know , it had to on some fronts as we have arrived
  4. i believe single cell organisms evolved into multi-cell they believe due to a predator ... that predator would perhaps not of existed on the planet before but perhaps came from external meteorites that crashed on the earth, started to gobble the single cells , which provoked them to evolve. Once that happened complex life happened really quickly , (500million years to get to us) .. i felt it is an important point perhaps if somehow we could look at earth's relative positiion in the universe and look at areas that are "a similar age"
  5. My understanding of the limitations of sensors was notable ... i was trying to look at it from a time/evolutionary point of view exclusively .. i appreciate there would be many holes thanks for the response.
  6. I think this is also a pretty valid and awesome point ... the way i was looking at it was that earth had "certain conditions" that were assumed to be available in other parts of the universe so i just looked at time and probabliity of single cell evolution
  7. Wow ok that was a awesome answer thank you so much for putting the time into responding !!! I get most of what you are saying the most important part perhaps being the ability of our sensors not able to reach outside of our galaxy , thank you sir.
  8. also this point is irrelevant as over time "everywhere" became just a small point as the universe expanded .... seriously i dont know much at all , basic stuff man ??
  9. that's not very nice , especially considering i rebuked your previous comment ... i didn't say i knew it all ,so we are in the same camp friend
  10. that is incorrect http://www.bbc.co.uk/earth/story/20160610-it-took-centuries-but-we-now-know-the-size-of-the-universe
  11. So I made this diagram to explain my ridiculous thinking which is probably wrong on many levels. I am aware they are looking for planets within stars that have suitable or imitatable conditions to our planet to support the notion that "life could exist on other worlds" .... I wonder, (and this may already be the case) ... are they factoring the evolutionary development time , in particular from single cell to multicellular organisms and the other regions in the universe that will also share a similar time point as sol/ our galaxy is from the centre of the universe. I just wonder if it is a t
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