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  1. I had settled on the Skywatcher 200p, however, I can't get it until sometime after New Years. So, I have some decisions to make. Thank you everyone.
  2. Would you recommend specific eye pieces to purchase in addition? Yes, I am in the U.S. I should've mentioned that in my introduction. Thank you! Dawn
  3. Oh and I found this offer used: "Brand new explore first light telescope. Comes with everything needed. Tripod, telescope, 25 mm eye scope, two phone holders to take photos, and a zoom in lense which I paid 80 dollars for. Zooms in 180 times more. Great for viewing moon and planets."
  4. Hello everyone, By now I'm sure everyone is sick of these posts asking what to buy. But, that's what I am here asking. I have been researching for weeks, and I think I've only made my dilema more difficult by over-reading and over-thinking. My husband loves astronomy. He has a cheap telescope that was given to my son almost 20 years ago. Everything just looks like a blob in the scope. I want to get him a good telescope (with in my budget). One where he can look through and see - clearly - the rings of Saurn or the colors of Jupiter. My budget is between $400 and $600. Preferably lower th
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