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  1. Thanks to everyone for their help and advice, fingers crossed for a clear night soon!
  2. I can't wait either, Saturn is one of the main reasons I got a telescope and Brian Cox got me thinking that I wanted one! Go Brian x
  3. hev

    hi all :)

    Rob , i'm also a newbie at this game and the people on here are nothing but helpful, kind, considerate and above all patient! Feel free to ask keep asking questions as they're always willing to help. Good luck with the star gazing x
  4. Got my lovely new skywatcher heritage 130p for my birthday end of June! Then the clouds started rolling in and since the only times i've been free to look at the skys its either too cloudy or i'm too after a glass or two! I'm keeping an eye on the weather for a clear sky, and also looking at stellarium to see what's there to see. What i would really love is advice on eye pieces, i have a 10mm and 25mm eye piece supplied with scope but i'm still not clear on which is best for what! I would love to see Jupiter or Saturn and the surface of the moon is on the cards too, just waiting for it to come into view. Any help, on what extras I should get would be so much appreciated. I know some of you have already advised me previously but I really have been so unlucky with the weather (I live in Wales) I feel like any extra advice would be useful x
  5. I'm also from Newport but keep getting cloud, cloud and more cloud! Thought tonight was going to be the one! But no, the good old Welsh cloud came on rolling in! Suppose it's the price to pay for being Welsh!
  6. I'm so in awe of you lot! Well done
  7. Just read your replies, thanks so much, it makes a lot of sense and will be of so much use in the future. Seriously, I was that confused!!! Looking forward to seeing some really good things x
  8. Saw lots of nice stars but no planets!!!!
  9. I'm going out for a look now, will let you know if i see anything resembling planets or is it just my imagination!!!
  10. Thanks for the advice, i'm going to be a total dunce now.... which i longer length and which is shorter length, i'm almost embarrassed to ask, but if i don't how will i ever learn!!!
  11. Seriously! I can see something very bright and shiny where venus should be! Even if i'm wrong, which eyepiece is best for planet viewing?
  12. i'm on a hill, does that make a difference? Can definitely see venus as i'm typing this?
  13. i've had my telescope (Skywatcher Heritage 130) for almost 5 weeks now and it looks like tonight may be my first chance of seeing stars!!! I've looked on stellarium and it's showing that Saturn, Mars and Venus are all going to be visible (as long as the cloud stays away) my scope came with two lenses a 10mm and 25mm super i'm not sure which lense i should use for what purpose!!! Any advice or common sense would be greatly appreciated!!! Many thanks
  14. Thanks so much - I'm making an executive decision and will stick with my choice of the Heritage. Thanks guys x
  15. PS - forgot to mention I would want to take the telescope away on camping trips and would prefer something easy to set up and maintain!
  16. hello again! I was sure I had made my mind up about getting the Skywatcher 130p Heritage but on further reading am wondering if I should go with my original choice of the Bresser skylux 70?? What I want to achieve is observing the planets at a decent size and also to see the moon in a lot of detail. Which would the experts out there recommend??? Any help/advice will be greatly received :confused:
  17. Thanks for that! I'm a bit scared about the first collimation but will take your advice and read up and visit the website.
  18. Is the skywatcher 130p dob hard to collimate? I'm thinking this may be the one for me but I'm a total newbie and want to make sure I've got something I can cope with!
  19. hev


    Thanks for the warm welcome! I can't wait to get started....
  20. hev


    Thanks so much for the advice, i've been trawling the internet for weeks trying to weigh up the pro's and con's. I'll probably go for the Bresser, and get some Barlow lenses as suggested. Will let you know how it goes (won't be getting it until end of June as it's a birthday present)! Any more ideas/tips would be more than welcome. Again thanks
  21. hev


    Thanks for such a prompt response! the Bresser only has a focal length of 700mm, will this be any good for observing the planets with any clarity??
  22. hev


    I'm looking for a telescope to observe the moon, jupiter and saturn's rings for starters! I've looked at a few but am now getting confused with the choice and variation out there. HELP!!! So far I've looked at celestron astromaster 114eq and bresser 70 astronomy starter telescope kit (looking to spend about 100 - 150 pound. Any help advice would be greatly appreciated. (PS would like to use this when we go camping as well as home so need something portable).
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