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  1. I want to keep under £200 so that is ruling out Delite and Pentax. Really considering Morpheus 9mm and 17.5mm. Would Morpheus 9mm be a better lunar eyepiece than what I have. Thanks again
  2. "Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in" I had nearly ruled out SLV!, This isn't easy. Thanks
  3. Think I'm going to go for either Tele Vue plossl 8mm/11mm or Fujiyama ortho 9mm
  4. Thanks again to everyone who has offered some advice. I was all set to pull the trigger on SLV after reading a few positives, especially Dean who has quite a few and who uses them with a similar type of scope (8 inch SCT). However after seeing Dons warning and image of such im again struggling with this. I haven't completely ruled out SLV and it seems to work great for Dean including observing moon and this would be main role for this eyepiece, but I would be annoyed with myself if I went ahead then discovered I also had this issue. Would I find myself trying to notice this. I reali
  5. Don, Thank you for your reccomend, it is appreciated. Richochet, Thanks for your detailed reply. I do appreciate your time and there was a lot of good advice. I do admit I have really enjoyed my observing with Binoviewer. I have previously had a fantastic(it can't get better this )experience when using BV with 18mms Starguiders. Yes my BV are the Starguider/Arcturas type with the x3 and x1.85 barlows. I had not previously thought/considered replacing with GPC? It was for monoview that I was looking at/considering an upgrade eyepiece, mainly for quickness, on the
  6. Hello Thank you for any help and advice you are able to offer. It is all welcome. I am looking for an upgrade eyepiece from where I am at. This will mainly be tasked for Moon observing and Planets. I'm looking at 7mm - 11mms FL. This eyepiece must be new. My eyepiece include BST Starguiders set 8-25mm (2x 8, 18, 25 for BV) , Meade Super Plossl set 6.4-40mm, ES82 14mm and Maxivision 34mm. Scope is Meade LX90 acf 8inch and I observe from UK and I'm fortunate to have little light pollution and do not wear glasses. I thought I was set with my BST Starguiders but in my
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