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  1. As you might see I am a bit of a builder, here is what I have done with my newest scope the C8. I am using a Criterion Pedestal mount modifided with a second tube to allow height adjustments so I can use it as terrestrial viewing with a 6.3 focus reducer and as a astronomy telescope. Rich
  2. Interesting...I cannot show you me at the age of about 12/13 when I sold greeting cards to my North Las Vegas newspaper customers to earn praises and I got my very first telescope: A very crappy Gilbert 2 inch reflector with a metal tube with NO lenses or any kind for a Finder, plastic eyepiece and a flimsy tripod with a clamped ball socket mount. Some 7 to 10 Years later I got a Tasco 4 inch and made my own mount. 45 years later I found what I had dreamed of having a Critertion 6 inch... And another 15/20 years later like now I am fixing up a used C8. Sorry but I am jus
  3. First can I ask for a list of a couple of these suggestions for good focuser that work well and are robust? And some where on this site I read a discussion about the changing focus leanth with the mirror focus system changing the C8s focus leanth when used, can you point me to that thread?? I ask as your changing the focuser suggests your aware of it. Thanks. Rich
  4. Thanks, I did kind of think you were UK based...but to day with the internet we are all next door to one and another...
  5. I need a Celestron C8 telescope main Lens cap. And a source of used parts as well. Thanks. Rich
  6. Forgive a newbie questions… I just (at last) got a Celestron C8 with fork and wedge, but on a Meade tripod. (No telescoping legs) Looks like the Standard Field Tripod BUT missing the center leg brace plate and the Telescoping legs… I think it is a version with 36 Inch fixed legs. This is an upgrade to my childhood wanted got as an older adult (sadly) Criterion 6 inch Newtonian. But One of the clock motors does not run, so this is a two part question: One where can I get a replacement?? And or I read that the later models now use a D/C motor, can I ge
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