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  1. I first saw/heard this a couple of months ago. I found it quite moving if I'm honest. The more I watch it the more it moves me. Strange. I like science, I do!
  2. This place is a wealth of information and friendly folk. I have had all my questions answered very quickly and thoroughly. Answers to a lot of what I had to ask is already found using the search function, so I've learnt A LOT without even asking. Really good to be here. No negative feedback at all.
  3. Thanks JeroKane, Is there a specification/design difference between the old and new models, or did the folk at Skywatcher just fancy a colour change?
  4. Hi folks Looking at the Skymax 127 on an EQ3-2... Some are blue OTA with a black mount. Others are black OTA with a white mount. Any differences other than the colour? I like the latter option better. Thanks for putting up with my noob questions, I couldn't find anything already available here relating to this.
  5. And it's free! Free is good.
  6. I've found Ninian Boyle's begginers e-course very useful: Astronomy Know How
  7. Well, that's what I thought. I did become confused, though, when I noticed that pricing/value does not always appear to be linked to aperture.
  8. Thanks again! It's looking increasingly like its going to be the Skymax 127 for me. Now I just have to settle on whether I should opt for a GoTo or EQ3-2 mount as they cost the same.
  9. Thanks for the replies chaps. I expect my interest will primarily be the planets, moons and stars; and of course DSO's but to a lesser extent (I think... it's certainly hard to know for sure when I have ZERO experience). Does anyone know which scope I can expect to see the best images through: The Celestron 4SE or the Skymax 127?
  10. Hi all I am comparing the Celestron 4SE with a SkyMax 127 as possible first scopes. My question is does a larger aperture always equate to a 'better' image? A total noob question, I'm sure, but I'm wondering how much the quality of the optics comes into play. Thanks for your valuable advice folks!
  11. Thanks everyone. What a good bunch here.
  12. Actually, not to worry. My question is answered elsewhere. Thanks all.
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