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  1. I need to rationalise my mount collection in order to progress with my plan for a home observatory. So offering my Astro Physics mounts for sale. First, a 2005 AP900. Owned by me since new. GTO CP3 electronics. Handset currently has V4.12 software. 'J' chipset in the CP3. Comes with AP Pier, about 54" high to the base of the mount. Counterweight shaft and two counterweights, one 10lbs, one 18 lbs. Power cable, mount-to-motors 'Y'-cable and a saddle plate included - mount runs on 12-16V, power cable terminates at 12V cigar lighter socket. Handset included. I'd put off upgrading
  2. Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter imaged the various Apollo sites and artifacts (including an impact site from one of the Saturn 5 third stages impacted onto the Moon as a seismic experiment). Apollo 11: 'A Stark Beauty All Its Own' | NASA But that, of course was at a couple of hundred miles or less, not 250 000...
  3. Hi Roger - good to hear from you. Yes, I'll get details together over the weekend. Is there a way for us to exchange private messages on SGL? Previous confusion arose when someone else clicked on my details and joined the conversation and I thought it was you.
  4. Roger - good evening - I'm thinking of parting with my AP900 mount.  Are you still looking for one?  Please confirm your name?  I've just had a correspondence with a member called 'Mark', having, I thought, replied to your post last night.  Didn't reach a conclusion, so still interested in talking about a sale.



  5. I've got a 2005 vintage AP900, GTOCP3 status - might be interested in parting with it - are you still looking?
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