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  1. Thanks, @Wyvern. Much obliged. I posted this on Cloudy Nights as well, figuring the more eyes on this, the better. zleonis there said he thought the star I was looking for was 89 Virginis as well based on the Jamieson atlas. In my search, I'd found the Jamieson atlas images, but I lack the experience to really line it up with star charts, and I'm not sure what is Noctua's feet and what is Hydra's tail. So far, I'm thinking the stars composing (which composed) Noctua are (were) 89 Virginis 4 Librae 54 Hydrae 55 Hydrae 56 Hydrae 57 Hydrae 58 Hydrae 59 Hydrae
  2. Good day. Newbie here. I am trying to find the exact members of the former constellation Noctua. On the Internet Wayback Machine I found an old post from December 2008 by David_leeD.061001 on the forum that slooh.com used to host. In this he identified the stars as 54 Hydrae through 59 Hydrae. In the Herschel 400 Observing Guide, page 192, the stars are listed as 4 Librae and 54 Hydrae through 57 Hydrae. On the International Dark-Sky Association's Facebook page on Noctua, the image shows a star seemingly further northeast and which I cannot identify. Can anyone tell me what this upper right st
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