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  1. The telescope is a SW Evostar 120 achromatic refractor and the mount is an EQ5 Deluxe with the Enhanced dual axis motor drive with ST-4 guiding.
  2. Perhaps I should look into DSO subjects, instead of lunar and planetary work?
  3. Looking at the ZWO cameras, I incorrectly assumed that for DSO stuff a USB 3 port was essential. I also thought that DSO's required more resources, due to the very long exposure times I was seeing quoted.
  4. I've dipped my toe into the astrophotography water, but am unsure if my old laptop is up to the job? Here's the specs for those in the know. It's only got three USB 2.0 ports, but I'd only do lunar and planetary imaging, not DSO work. Would I be better off with one of those ZWO ASIair Plus thingies?
  5. I've just dipped my toe into the world of astrophotography, but need some advice please. I've connected a ZWO ASI 120MM mini camera to a SW 9x50 finderscope, with an adapter. This is going to be my guide scope. The view through ZWO is 90 degrees different from what my main telescope shows. I'm sure I can correct this by rotating the guide scope body. If I don't correct this, would it affect the guiding accuracy through PHD2?
  6. I've bought quite a few things second hand, from this forum. I've no complaints and have saved quite a bit of money too.
  7. I picked this up my the local Sorting Office, this morning. I would have got it Saturday, but was out when the postie came. Thanks to @Danjc. . It's a Sky-Watcher 9x50mm finderscope to C adapter.
  8. Does frost like that mean you can turn off the cooling fan, on the camera?
  9. Indeed, the JWST is designed to look outwards, not have cameras strapped to it to take selfies!
  10. It's the SW Polar Scope for the EQ5 Deluxe mount.
  11. My polar scope reticule looks something like the photo below, sitting at an angle. My question is, does it need to be perfectly aligned in the viewfinder, as in the bottom picture, or can it be somewhat offset, like in the top photo?
  12. DPD dropped this off in the last hour, courtesy of Auntie @FLO.
  13. Not that long ago, this would have been considered science fiction!
  14. I'm almost certain those French guys were hitting the Fireman's switch, given the height they have to jump. Probably illegal to do in most countries, unless it's an emergency?
  15. I was referring to the powers that be, rather than the public. Seems that there's many a toothless local and central government departments out there.
  16. Knowing about it and acting on it are two different issues.
  17. I've got an 8" Dobsonian and have used 375x magnification on the moon, very occasionally. Even with a F6 ratio on the telescope, I can tell you that at those magnification levels, the moon is very dim and you will probably see 'floaters' in your view. Contrast is very low too, even on a bright moon!
  18. Are you sure that's not been fitted by the Probation Service?
  19. We'd probably get better observing conditions, if we were on the surface of Venus!
  20. Correct me if I'm wrong, but once you've set up the guide scope and camera on a target star, then using PHD2 should keep the guide scope aligned by sending small "nudges" through the ST4 port to the mount?
  21. At this moment in time, I'm holding off buying a guide camera due to the weather. I've not even been able to test the motor drives yet, due to constantly overcast skies and rain.
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