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  1. I live in the UK and with the weather I feel like I haven't viewed the sky from the northern hemisphere either recently... What a strange view it will be to have clear skies
  2. Great thanks guys. I'll order the Bresser now and then when it arrives (several months no doubt) I'll order a RACI, shoe etc etc, help spread the cost out. Thanks you all for the great advice, really appreciated! Matt
  3. I think I've got to just order and then play the long waiting game. If I upgrade the shoe and RACI, is there particular RACIs that people would recommend? Looking at FLO there's a huge difference in price between the Astro Essentials for £59 and the Explore Scientific for £189, is it really necessary to pay that much for a RACI? Thanks, Matt
  4. Before I take the plunge I was just waiting for some money to clear and today the Bresser has gone up by 10%. I'm guessing this is fx related or something similar. Is the Bresser still worth the extra money? The difference is now £144 which is really stretching my budget... Thanks, Matt
  5. Do you store it outside with a cover or do you move it in and out of somewhere?
  6. Haha no, definitely should have worked that one out
  7. Really wish I could go visit somewhere but genuinely think it'll be months before I could do that Obviously there's a huge number of EPs and accessories I could buy but I'll need to spread them out a bit... Is there anything I'm desperately missing though? Thank you so much everybody for the advice! Matt
  8. I just did a quick search to see how often they come up...
  9. Thanks all, this is really useful. You've also answered the question I didn't ask - is the Bresser worth the extra £100! Really appreciate all the answers. Now if only anybody has a nice second hand ones in East Anglia...
  10. Damn, I'm North Hertfordshire, but far for me at the moment
  11. You're north Dorset?
  12. Hi, With how long it's likely to be to wait I'm going to just bite the bullet and just order a telescope. I've spent a while lurking and reading the forum trying to work out what I want (not easy!) and have (probably) decided on an 8" Newtonian. I'm currently considering: Skywatcher 200p dobsonian Bresser 8" messier Skywatcher explorer 200p EQ5 From what I understand using the EQ5 mount rather than the dobsonian can lead to some awkward viewing angles. Is there much difference between the SW and Bresser dobs? Am I right in thinking that the bresser mount is a bit
  13. Oh wow the situation is actually worse than I thought, I was going to wait to put in an order until it there was at least a vague delivery date but maybe I'll just have to order now if the queue is going to keep growing!
  14. Hi FLO, Out of interest have any of the manufacturers said when they expect the situation to normalise? I know everythings messed up with both manufacturing and shipping at the moment but I was just interested if anybody had given any expected dates for normality? Also, I'm not expecting you to predict the future or necessarily be able to answer this concretely, "no" and "I have no idea" are both perfectly acceptable responses! Had my eye on either a Bresser 8" or a SW 200 for a month or so now, can't wait to get one! Matt
  15. There seems to be a lot of people askiong the same questions at the moment (run up to Christmas I guess), this is a really useful thread. Thanks all for the input!
  16. I assume the heating is to stop condensation and then rust? Do you have a picture of what you mean by "a roll of roof shed and a dome"?
  17. I'm assuming telescopes ideally need to be stored inside? I'm assuming that there's no such thing as a decent weather-proof cover that would protect the telescope meaning that it could be stored outside, even if not all year around? Thanks, Matt
  18. Hmm OK so maybe either the 200P with GoTo or the Bresser 10" (that's not the first recommendation I had for that 'scope).... I wonder how my fiancee would react to the 10", it looks quite a beast! I have no doubt bewteen now and actually being able to buy a telepscope I'll change my mind 1,000 times....
  19. So my potential decision is (when telescope supply catches up) the 200P Flexitube with GoTo or the 250P without GoTo... bigger aperature for cheaper but without the GoTo
  20. Thanks Pixies and wimvb. I live in a house that is in a Bortle rating of 5 but quite close to areas of 4 and even 3 would only be a ten minute drive away. I was trying to guage last night how mad the light pollution is right outside my house and I don't think it's too bad. I have an east facing back garden and I think I could possibly use that to see some things (possible with some sort of hood). I think I will just have to experiment and see what works best. You're definitely right that a telescope I use is the best one. I'm leaning more and more to either the 200P or the 250P without Go
  21. Thanks seven_legs. Just checking I'm not being dense (it definitely wouldn't be the first time...), i take it you mean the scope with the mount attached? Matt
  22. Thanks everybody for the responses. I think the 6SE is a bit out of my price range, not sure how impressed my other half would be if I dropped £1,000 on a telescope when we're about to have our first baby I think I can probably strech the £500 budget to £800 but £1,000 seems a bit far. The complete lack of supply at the moment I think is actually going to work in my favour as it will mean I spend more time researching before buying. On the flip side, the weather is killing me at the moment, I haven't seen a star for aaaaages! I'm starting to doubt whether having a go-to is a priori
  23. Hi JOC, I am looking at getting the same telescope - how have you found using it over the last couple of years? What sort of objects have you managed to see? Did you ever get your DSLR attached? Also, how portable is it? Are you able to lift and move it on your own? I'm a reasonably fit and healthy 32yo but would possibly need to carry it a few 100m at a time, do you think that would be possible? Thanks! Matt
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