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  1. From my Latvian space forum colleagues someone recommended this one. And to be honest, DSO looks like just too big. Maybe it's not a bad idea to start with this one? Surely, I will not get as good hunts as with DSO but at least I could more easily gaze into sky from my window. https://www.gpspro.lv/products/lv/462/13324/sort/1/filter/0_0_0_0/BRESSER-MESSIER-AR-90-900-NANO-AZ-20x-180x-teleskops.html DSO is still a choice and I just need to make a decision.
  2. Another point for DSO then. I have room for it in my flat. The only thing what would be a little problematic is to watch something out of my window (4th floor) but I think I can manage something to have it at the needed height to gaze outside my window.
  3. Thanks a lot for the info! Really appreciate it. I will wait if there will be some other replies but it looks like dobsonian it is
  4. I do not own a car but my friends does and we would go on a sky hunt together. Not worried so much about transportation. It would even have a nice interior spot in my flat And collimation for DSO should be a no brainer, right? There's probably a lot of video tutorials. Roger that. So my picked dobsonian have better and more expensive mirror. Good to know. So given any other telescopes on the Latvian market this one looks like a keeper. This probably is better but the cost is little too much: https://www.gpspro.lv/products/lv/462/13774/sort/1/filter/0_0_
  5. Thanks guys for the reply! The main reason I want to buy telescope from Latvian sites is that they are offering to pay monthly for the product (and shipping for free). There's no rush, so I would like to have common understanding of what's best from telescopes they are offering. Question: Aperture is one of the most important factors to see deep sky objects? So therefore, Newtonian would be a better choice, right? I have 4 other candidates. 1) https://www.gpspro.lv/products/lv/462/13790/sort/1/filter/0_0_0_0/OMEGON-Reflektora-teleskops-N-130-920-EQ-3-260x-teleskops.h
  6. Dear all, There's probably lots of good information in other topics but I should ask your advice anyways. When I was a youngster I attended astronomy gatherings and from that time I have been somehow in love with astronomy. So I made a decision to get my first telescope. My budget would be somewhere around 250-300EUR tops. My interest is to search for planets and also some good Messier catalog objects (when I am out of town in perfect pitch darkness). In Riga I would hope to see the Moon perfectly. I did some research on telescope types and their pros/cons. I will share with you links of
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