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  1. Great stuff Many Thanks for your help Brantuk !!!
  2. Where do i download that from i'm a bit slack were computers are concerned too !!!
  3. Hi Brantuk yeh just had another look at flextube on the website and it says an SLR fitment is on it ! think photography will be a long time off yet tho gotta learn to use a scope first lol
  4. Sorry i meant Brantuk in that last post not Nicnac !!!
  5. Yeh think i like the sound of the Flextube Nicnac ! you say you have one ? are you impressed with yours ! and could this type of scope be used for astro photography in the future if i desired to go down that line.
  6. I'm not that far out from the city as Kippax i'm in Middleton.
  7. Thanks Space Cowboy just had a look at that link ! that looks the Biz. That one could be very tempting !
  8. Hi Nicnac i'm in the outskirts of the city not right in the city centre.
  9. I can see Orions Belt Fine never really noticed how good i can see the others, gunna be looking out for them now tho Squid ! Thanks for that tip !
  10. Cheers Space Cowboy that sounds a good idea and well worth considering at least then i would get an idea of what i will have to deal with and if i could manage a manual stand !
  11. Hi Squid i live in Leeds and that is one of my other concerns (Light Pollution) living in a town, am i going to have serious problems with Light pollution.
  12. Hi Kris H, wish i would be allowed to spend that kind of money but the missus would blast me into space if i did lol.
  13. LOL. think i see what you meant ! GOTO's cost alot so if i get an EQ i could get a lot more scope for my money ! i've been looking at the Skymax 127 and the Nexstar range but not having a clue as a beginner i'am not sure what to spend my money on ! also been looking at the Skywatcher explorer range of scopes. i want to be able to seen as much as i can for the little money i have to spend !
  14. If it is possible i would like to view both DSO's and planets but having no experience at all i would prefer something with a GOTO.
  15. I'am willing to spend £500 on a scope and as a newby aint got a clue on what to go for was thinking of a Skymax 127 but could i get anything better ??? any advice would be greatly appreciated !!!
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