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  1. Grwmp

    It's arrived

    Hello everyone, another newbie here. been waiting since September for my Skyliner 200P and it has finally arrived. All assembled, finder scope lined up....but where have the stars all gone? Nothing but cloud, cloud and more cloud. Guess a little longer wait won't hurt me.
  2. Hi there, welcome.

    You'll get more folk seeing your message and saying hello if you go to


    and press the 'start a new thread' button.

    200dob is a great telescope, easy for us beginners to get the hang of, you'll love it !


    1. Grwmp


      Hiya, thanks for the advice Heather. Have to admit being new to forums as well

  3. Hi everyone, just wanted to say hello.  I may be 70 but I'm an astronomy virgin raring to go and no scope...yet. Been waiting for china to deliver my new 8" dobsonian to FLO since September 🙄. Fingers crossed it will be here for Christmas. Stay safe everyone.

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