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  1. So 16 lbs on a he5 will do just fine? Since im not guiding, how long do you think my max exposures can be? Thanks, many people say it wouldnt work, but the AP community has a hivemind lol.
  2. Ok so, my dslr is 1lb, so 16lb alltogether on max 30lbs. It it fine if i do put that on a heq5? Or eq6r? I am young, so i cant get a job and refractors are very expensive. If anything i can use the heq5 with just a dslr. I know it will make problems possible, but can i do fine tracking?
  3. I am thinking to sav up for an HEQ5 mount. I have a Skywatcher 150p dob, which is 1200 focal length. The OTA weighs 15 lbs, and can acheive prime focus with no mods/barlows. It is an f/8. Now, would it be usable on a heq5? Is it too long? And, will it be ok as an f/8? Ive gotten some nice shots untracked, which i like. Plus, I am not looking to sell my work or put it out anywhere professinally. I want it just for me. Im confident I can get some neat shots with it. What are your guys opinions?
  4. I am looking to return my Powerseeker 114eq and get a XT6. I know that my canon rebel T4i will not reach focus. It wont travel enough inwards. I want to know, which is best? Plan A is trying to use Barlow or eyepiece projection. Which will magnify less, eypiece or barlow? Are there any tips for both of tose methods and how to use eyepiece projection? Then, Plan B is moving the mirror. I cant find any good tutorials either. Thanks in advance.
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