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  1. Glad it’s not just me misty cloudy skies here tonight so I’m afraid no telescope for me!!!
  2. At least it’s not just me skies here are quite misty tonight so no telescope for me!
  3. Great advice there thank you. Ok I am definitely going to try getting the image to its smallest size whilst focussing when the next clear night comes along. I will let you know how I get on I read the link about planet viewing not being much affected by light pollution / city light as the planets are so bright and can even be seen sometimes during daylight. Fascinating
  4. Thanks all. I’ve been outside to view (not looking through a window) and have already put pfte tape around the focusser thank you. Yes, I’ve also tried Mars for a while and this appears fuzzy also- I can go through the whole range of focusing without it becoming a ‘crisp’ disk like shape, not remotely close really. Thank you for the advice and for the links, I will tKe a good look at these later on today. I will leave the scope cool down for longer, although my father did say he left it for around an hour the other night and it was the same. I was thinking myself that it
  5. Yes thanks Matte 61 I’d be more than happy for now if I can just get a disc shape rather than a fuzz of light. I’m hoping this is something as simple as collmination or allowing the telescope to cool down for longer. At the mo I’m not getting anything like are kindly describing.
  6. Thanks John those were the kind of images I was expecting, but although the size is about the same , the image is far more fuzzy/hazy like a distant blurry streetlight. I can’t seem to sharpen the image at all by trying to focus it. I’ve tried this with only the 25mm eyepiece on, with only the 10 mm eyepiece on, and then with the Barlow. All to no avail. I will recheck the Collmination, but when I looked earlier this seemed ok. many thanks
  7. Thank you everyone. It might be because Jupiter and Saturn are low on the horizon, but I just thought it would be slightly clearer than a ‘fuzzy’ dot of light that just won’t focus into a crisp shape. That may well be my lack of knowledge and experience, something just doesn’t seem right about it. Matte61, what were your views of Saturn and Jupiter like with your skywatcher 150P on an equatorial mount please? Could you get it to become a ‘crisp round shape’ even if you couldn’t see detail? I’m going to recheck the collimatination (although I think this is ok. Thanks for the info
  8. Crikey I just looked at your link for the bortle where I live ( at the edge of the Brecon Beacons) and it’s class 4 so that’s probably not good? But yes at least I have mountains at hand ok , so my plan so far is...make a shroud , go up into the hills, make sure it’s collumated as well as possible, wait for better atmospheric conditions, and if all else fails purchase better eyepieces, restrain from giving up, read whilst waiting and have some patience Thanks so much all for the advice and links, let’s hope this gets me somewhere
  9. That’s such a kind response thank you. haha I’ve already bought 3 astronomy books so I will get my head stuck into those until the atmospheric conditions are better (thanks for the link). yes I understand that the image will appear extremely small , and that’s fine, if only I could get it sharper and looking less like a tiny streetlight ! i will take the scope up the mountains next away from the streetlights to see if that makes a difference but it’s just bugging me that the moon is so sharp. I was even thinking of buying 3x Barlow and a 6mm eyepiece (I think that would be
  10. Thanks for this quick reply. It doesn’t seem to be able to focus at all on any of the planets matter how hard I try, it’s just like a really small ball of light that’s a little fuzzy. It simply won’t focus to show any detail at all. I’ve tried on several different occasions now and it’s been exactly the same. No problem with the moon however.
  11. Hi all I’m new to astronomy so please excuse my naive language and depth of knowledge. I have purchased a skywatcher heritage 150P flexitube dobsonian. i have checked it’s is properly collumated. the accessories I have are the standard 10 and 25mm eyepieces that came with the scope and I’ve purchased a 2x celestron Barlow, planet filters and a moon filter. im getting some good views of the moon when using my 2x Barlow plus the 10mm lens (lovely detail of the outer edge of the moon). However, when I try to view any of the planets for example Jupiter, Saturn mars, the
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