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  1. That's what I'm swaying towards at the moment something like a skywatcher quattro or explorer 10 inch on a eq mount , that way when budget allows I could get a good refractor and use the same eq mount to keep cost down
  2. Just had a quick look on that thread , some very impressive photos , I'll take a better look later tonight
  3. It will mostly be in my back garden so power wouldn't be a problem , I have also looked at the skywatcher quattro 12s but have read that they maybe a little big for an eq mount and would wobble even in the slightest breeze , I'm thinking perhaps might be better getting a big DOB for the time being as we enjoy the visual more at the moment and then look to add an eq mount and a refractor at a later date when I've learnt more about the photography side
  4. Thanks for your reply , I guess the easiest answer to that question is I want to be able to do both , with what your saying I'm going to need 2 scopes , which I think with the budget I've got I'm going to struggle with
  5. First of all is like to say hi to everyone , I've always had an interest in the night sky since being very young , but never got a telescope until earlier this year , during first lockdown . I bought a celestron nexstar 130slt , it's a fantastic telescope and have loved using it but now I've been bitten by the bug and want to upgrade , but there is just so much choice out there I think I've just confused myself lol . I initially thought I'd like to upgrade to an explore scientific ar 152 , but after reading reviews it's not so good for the photography side of things due to chromatic
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