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  1. Thank you, I'll try those settings!
  2. I'm getting there lol! Is 12 more common as the pixel density isn't as much as dedicated cameras? 12/2.39=5.03 so I need to make 5 PHD2 2 and BYEOS 3?
  3. i got the 4 from this PHD2 scale Dither Level | Pixels --------------- --------- 1 - +/- 0.5 x Dither Scale 2 - +/- 1.0 x Dither Scale 3 - +/- 2.0 x Dither Scale 4 - +/- 3.0 x Dither Scale 5 - +/- 5.0 x Dither Scale
  4. the above has given me 1:2.39 So does that mean for every 1 pixel on the guide scope it will move 2.39pixels on the imaging scope? If i want 30 pixel dither (30/2.39=12.55) I need 4 in PHD2 (12) and 3 in BYEOS? Thank you again for taking the time to explain this to me
  5. sorry if I'm being slow to catch on. If i try and get the MDD as close to 30 as I can, that means I need to set my imaging to 6? does that mean PHD2 needs to be 2 or 3 to make 12 or 18? How do I find my guide to imaging ratio? is it 357/130=2.75? And if KP82 is right about BYEOS then do i need BYEOS =7 PHD2=3 BYEOS 7=2x, 2x2.75=5 PHD2 =3 5x3=15!
  6. I'm finding this all very confusing sorry, for something so important the information seems to be hidden in complexity! Thanks though I'll consider this when using the above calculator!
  7. awesome thank you! does this look right? (I'm assuming I include the 0.85x reduction, 420 becomes 357) . If the setting in APT/Backyard is 4 does that mean i need to have 3 in PHD2 (4x3=12) or over shoot it and have 4 in PHD2 (4x4=16) Thanks again for helping!
  8. I've seen a lot of advise saying dithering helps drastically with the quality of an image but there's only vague information out there for HOW to do it right! I use Backyard Eos and PH2 and I've turned it on using default settings (1 in each) but not seen any noticeable difference in noise etc. Im trying to find the right settings to use but how do i know what is right? Thank you to any one who can clear this up for me, I'd love to take my images to the next level. Imaging Skywatcher 72ed Ed 0.85x reducer/corrector Modded Canon 600d Guidi
  9. I bought a new reducer. Everything is now fixed. There must be something wrong with my first one, it's identical so maybe there's a factory error. Very expensive solution but at least i can start imaging now.
  10. Ive also tried a filter tray with the reducers draw tube attachment (needs something to achieve enough outwards travel to focus) and still get the same problem. Could the reducer be damaged in some way or is it the wrong one?
  11. Out of curiosity, if the sensor is too close, wouldnt it be a line instead of a blob? I dont know what its supposed to look like in a real image.
  12. Would you know how to find out the correct distance? Ive tried many lengths (0.25mm to 30mm) with no luck. If the reducer needs 55mm and my camera has 44 plus the t ring of 10, even adding a 1mm spacer, that should be correct right?
  13. Hello, does anyone know if my imaging train looks correct, and if it does, why am i still getting these coma errors? Could it be incorrect backfocus? Searching the internet makes me think my dslr is 44mm, adding the t ring (even tried a 1mm spacer too) gets me to the required 55mm (assuming that's correct) I have no idea how to solve this and i feel like I'm just throwing money down the drain fighting this in vien. Help would be much appreciated. Skywacher Evostar 72ed Reducer rotator for 72ed (needs this for extra distance to achieve focus, the reducer and adapter alone do
  14. UK, I got second hand so I guess I cant do anything if it is one of those bad reducers, I'll give the milk carton ago. The Reducer needs 55mm back focus and the camera (i think) gives 44mm, with the m48 ring thats 54mm. Is that what you mean about the milk carton?
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