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  1. I have an intervalometer, I have everything I need now to set it all up automatically on my laptop but my issue is this, I don't know what cable I need. It says it's a USB and I've read it's a micro but also some how a mini USB, neither look like they're the same shape as the port. The Nikon shutter is some purpose built port I believe, some rectangle. I want to control the shutter and have it set up automatically all on one system, rather than having a random intervalometer connected manually.
  2. The skyguider by iOptron with the iPolar. Which way is the front bracket supposed to be? I've installed it as the manual says but last night I realised that when I have polar aligned my camera gear would be upside down when the bracket is mounted on. I didn't think you were supposed to rotate the bracket after alignment?
  3. I'm only interested in a triplet for imaging. I have a newt for visual but to be honest at this point I'm not really interested in visual use any more, plus I personally considering imaging visual anyway. What you capture is what you would've seen to some extent with your own eye. Obviously not talking in regards to most nebulae.
  4. I'll try and keep this short and sweet. I was looking to get a triplet and I had put in an order for the ts photoline 80mm f/6 fpl53 triplet apo. Problem is I think I'm going to have to pay a load of money after Brexit and January 1st agreement. That said I'm more of a newt user than a refractor. I don't really know what I'm looking for and I spent several weeks looking around before I picked the aforementioned scope. I don't really understand what makes a refractor better over another. Like there are different types of glass, etc, FPL53/55. So having said that I'm quite stuck. I'd really appr
  5. If you have a "full" spectrum camera do you need a filter for milky way including landscape? I have a Rokinon/Samyang 14mm f/2.8 Lens, on a Nikon body APS-C. I cannot find anything for clip in aside from the Multispec and nightscape by STC. I don't think this will be any good for what I want and it's quite expensive but I'm weighing my options. I cannot find an APS-C nikon clip in that does UV and IR. I've been trying to find a square filter that I could use on the front. I'm having a hard time trying to find on here in the UK.
  6. I'm having a look around but not finding much luck. I was looking to try and pick up a camera lens that was "cheap" got good results and would double up a bit because of the APS-C. I've not really had much luck finding a 250mm fixed lens. Someone said about getting a small refractor but from what I know a cheap refractor isn't worth it because of all the problems it'll cause, CA, etc. That said does anyone have any info on this? I'm looking to pick up a tracker, either the SkyGuider Pro or the SA2i, unsure for now. Really I was looking at a budget of £150 for the lens but I can push to £200 an
  7. I don't really use forums like this so forget to come back and check responses, especially since you might never get one or sometimes they're hours or days later. Anyway. I've decided to have mine modded. I'm getting full spectrum done because I like the idea of being able to create cool daytime pictures if I want through the use of filters. I contemplated the idea of doing it myself but as said above mine was also spring and I didn't fancy breaking the camera after spending so much on it. Plus there were other areas that I thought if it went wrong then it is busted. The camera was used but pr
  8. OK, I'll start out by saying I've searched this in the search bar on this site and I've read through some of them but want to start my own because I want to ask some questions that haven't be asked in them or answered and I may have more questions afterwards. I want to understand how each one functions, what it can do, what it can't do, etc. What are the pro and cons of each of them? Do any of these modifications prevent you from being able to do something? When would you want said modification (depending on the one you select)? I've been trying to do a lot of reading and I thin
  9. Hey Dave, really appreciate the response, I'm getting in touch with him to see what he can do. Cheers.
  10. Who is this Romanian guy and how does one find him?
  11. I'll have to do it do tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I absolutely messed the collimation up, The secondary mirror from the bottom of the scope looks too far over as there is a gap on one side and the other side no gap so no perfect gap around the cell. If It's totally f*£ked then I'll have to take the cell out and lock it back in and then start again.
  12. I've not been able to try because when it hasn't been cloudy I have been busy and when I'm not it is cloudy. Can I test it indoors some how?
  13. Just wasn't sure if I had proper collimation. When I user the focus all the way in I can see the mirror if that makes sense? The spider vanes etc.
  14. No I've tried collimating just like anyone else, I found a really good video and followed it. The collimation might be fine, I've just not had one this small before, to be fair it's only my second newt and I've only been doing the hobby a year next March. I own a HoTech laser that I used and a cheshire eye piece.
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