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  1. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/other-collimation-tools/rigel-aline-collimation-cap.html I need a cheap collimating cap with quick delivery and I am wondering if this will help me do the job. Thanks.
  2. I just need someone to give me an idea if this is fine to start with. Thanks.
  3. As I open the box, the sky is covered in clouds
  4. I’ll try to follow the guide and your steps. Thanks so much.
  5. Thanks for the concern. I lodged a bit of folded paper between the rod and mirror as a temporary fix. It doesn’t move and will only move if I push or pull it. I just don’t know which way I point it. Do I point it where the primary mirror is centred within it?
  6. So first of all, let’s say I measure from the secondary mirror centre screw to the outer edges in different places and the distances are not the same, how exactly do I centralise it? “Make sure the outer surface is completely parallel with the outside edge of the tube end.” Would you mind explaining this further? I don’t understand. I will adjust the 3 bolts so they are the same length. Lastly, how do I rotate the secondary mirror to get it circular? Do I loosen the 3 adjustment bolts and rotate the mirror manually? Thanks.
  7. I try to collimate telescope because Jupiter and Saturn looked bad and I center primary in secondary and I make secondary look as circular and centered in focuser as I could with my equipment (home-made collimation cap). Then I align secondary in primary with the back nobs at the far end of the telescope. When I look in focuser I can only see one of the primary mirror clips fully, then other one by a half and last one, I can't see. I tried rotating secondary mirror rotators to no avail. Help. VID_20201202_204404.mp4
  8. Looking for a under £30 Barlow Lens for my Heritage 130P scope. Recommend some please. Thanks.
  9. Thanks I’ll look into the cheaper one as a temporary till I can find a good webcam for my dobsonian
  10. Is it plastic and would be bend under the weight of a phone?
  11. Last adapter I brought was a plastic piece of junk. Please recommend me a good one please. Prefer one that could actually hold up the weight of my phone.
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