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  1. Thanks Skipper Billy, i've literally just seen this and purchased. Awesome, one very happy Daddy
  2. Thanks for the replies guys, I really appreciate it. Got to say I feel as though I've settled on the Skywatcher 200P Dob but supply issues seem to be another major hurdle at the moment. My in stock choice is the Bressar 6" Dob. The 8" is a bit out my budget. Anyone know why the Bressar are more money, are they better quality, better spec eye pieces, mirrors etc? or just a case that they are pricier for the same spec Skywatcher for no real reason?
  3. Thanks for the swift replies everyone. I missed out on the last pre-owned scope I spotted locally so after reading your comments shot off to take a look. I'm after one both my 10 year old and I can get enjoyment out of together, its for her Christmas box and I own a Canon 7D so would like to have a go at taking some photos. It was a nice scope and looked in good condition, 200mm x 1000m on the label and the chap was asking £250 which felt a fair price but with my daughter in mind (and me being new to it) the set up felt far to heavy, fiddly and high up for my daughter, her having to stand on a chair to view is not really where we want to be. The seller had someone else wanting to view so no doubt it will have a new home very soon but back to the drawing board for me. If buying new the one I had my eye on was the Sky-watcher 200P Dobsonian but I am going around in circles a little bit lol. Any advice on something of reasonable quality and suitable for both of us would be brilliant Many Thanks Richard.
  4. Hi, new the the group and in the market for my first telescope, looking for something half decent and have seen this pre owned one locally. Advertised as a Skywatcher 10 inch but that is all the lady knows. Can anyone confirm what the scope and the mount is? and its worth? I assume its quite a old model? Many Thanks Richard
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