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  1. What lenses and telescope did you use to see Jupiter like that? Cheers
  2. So I looked at the moon for the first time last night, so cool! Managed to get a Rubbish photo with my phone hovering above the lens That was with my 20mm lens, the 10mm was quite good but didnt focus as well, is it possible with my telescope to get really close up views of the moons surface so I could intimately explore the surface details? What lens/equipment would I need to buy if so as Id love to really be able to get up close and personal so to speak!
  3. Wowsers! How do you take photos of the moon? I have a canon eos 400D and would love to take a pic of the moon. I tried to take a few with my camera phone last night and was surprised at how good it looked but i presume there is a way of connecting the camera properly or something?
  4. I just looked at the moon through my scope for the first time, truly breathtaking! It was quite 'wobbly' Im presuming coz its been ridiculously HOT hear all day, but it was still clear and amazing. Looked through my 10mm 20mm and 20mm with a not very good 2x Barlow. Also tried the 4mm but I couldnt focus it very well. Clearest was with the 20mm and pretty good with 20mm through Barlow. I loved it, managed to get a pic with my phone but it was quite difficult!
  5. I was exactly the same last week! Its the first thing Ive seen through my telescope (and had clouds since so still the only thing!!) I was so amazed and had been looking for a while that I jumped up in the air in excitement and ran and woke my girlfriend up at 1am to come see! Absolutely jaw dropping, cant wait for more opportunities for seeing stuff
  6. Thanks guys, what eyepiece would you recomend for looking at saturn? I could only really get my 20mm to work, it was amazing and could see the rings but slightly small, id like more detail, reckon any of the ones I have would be good? I did try the 10mm but couldnt focus it properly! My barlow doesnt seem to be very good as people have mentined so I think Ill invest in a new one, should I go 2x or 3x? 3x seems the obvious choice but wouldnt want it to be too dark Thanks again everyone for the warm welcome Dave
  7. WOW!! I found it!! I could only use my 20mm so it wasn't big certainly couldnt see the moons but I could deffo see the rings, as a line going through it at an angle, I guess they are head on to us at the moment? That was awesome! I tried to use my 10mm and I found it but I couldnt seem to get it in focus as well as the 20mm, the 10mm defo made it bigger in the view but blurry. What would you recommend for me to see it better? Buy a decent Barlow lens? Maybe my 10mm is broken? I seem to get clear view with the 20mm wide angle just slightly small. Im not gonna be able to sleep tonight!! Thanks for your help
  8. Oooh, I wish I could see Saturn!! I'm tempted to try again but my tripod isnt set up properly, are there any tips for seeing saturn? Am I right thinking it is just lower and slightly to the left of the back of Leo? Was I using a good lens for it?
  9. Well, I had a go this evening as we had a clearish sky... failed!! I saw a satellite of some description go passed my lens but thats it, Im fairly sure I was looking at Saturn but it looked no different to how it did with the naked eye! I was using the MA 20mm Wide Angle Long Eye Relief one but didn't do very well at all. According to 'Stellarium' on my comp and 'sideralis' on my phone, Mars and Saturn are both visible from the back of the house and I was really careful lining it up, took ages coz the star finder thing isnt set up as I dont know how yet, but I am fairly certain I was looking at Saturn, it literally looked no different to when I just looked up at the sky, am I being daft here? Probably am!!
  10. Thanks guys much appreciated! Cant wait to have a good go with it, not looking clear again yet but I'm sure it will soon!
  11. Thanks again guys Still no clear skies! Not looking good for tonight either, doh! Cheers for the warm welcome, Im gonna have a scout about the forum
  12. Thanks for the warm wlelcome and information guys! I have plenty of questions don't worry Some of my lenses seem a bit 'dusty' (it is second hand) is there a preferred way to clean them? Im hoping for clear skys tonight to try it out, I have set it up in our back room which is like a conservatory with opening sliding windows and there are just fields and allotments at the back so the light pollution is low (until a train goes past!!) Can't wait!
  13. I'm Dave and have always been interested in space but recently have taken much more notice of things and really started to get quite excited about it all, then 'wonders of the solar system' by Brian Cox was aired on the BBC and that really kick started it all again, I've just got my first proper telescope - of which I know nothing about!!! I only got it last night so haven't had a proper go yet, its a second hand Tasco Galaxsee 46-114500 with D=114mm F=1000mm does anyone use such a telescope? So far I have observed an electricity pylon that I didnt know was there in the distance over my backgarden! I can't wait to have a go at looking at the moon I got a few lenses with it; SR4mm MA 10mm Long Eye Relief MA 20mm Wide Angle Long Eye Relief 2x Barlow Lens Moon filter I know nothing about them or what they are best to view? I have an interactive star chart that plots the position of the planets on my phone that I have been using to look at Saturn and Mars and Venus with the naked eye over the past few months and have learned a lot about the constellations, I cant wait to have a go at looking at the planets through my new telescope, do I have a good setup to see any of them? Any help or info much appreciated, from an extremely excited though knowledgeless Daveyboy20!
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