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  1. Thanks John for a very detailed guide, it is really nice to have the parts names and link, I agree shopping the right parts is the most tricky task in building this, until I saw you post. below is my build for my 200P dob sitting on, tried it last night and it was a treat with Mars! Cheers Gang
  2. Just picking an old hobby and venture into new territory! I had my skywatcher 200p DOB for 7 years now, it was really nice for observing. I have never really done any imaging as the light pollution is really bad. But Last month I got a nice deal on a ASI 290MC. After a few failed attempt on drift method. I gave up and decided to build an equatorial platform. Thanks for @westmarch great post on DIY equatorial platform , I managed to do it without trouble. and it works as a treat in keeping Mars on the tiny imaging sensor! So last night I gave it a go with ASI 290MC o
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