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  1. Ah, that's really helpful, especially the website link - because I didn't know what I should be able to see, I was getting the focus all wrong. Right, now to wait for a clear night again for another go! Thanks for the help, both of you
  2. Hello and happy new year! I've added a couple of photos - the moon one I took a few weeks ago, the other 2 this evening. I'm new to astronomy so I would love some advice if possible, please! I have a 130 Reflector telescope and get great views of the moon, but the first picture is Mars (with the 80a filter attached) No matter which eyepiece I use, and Barlow or no Barlow, this is what I get. The last one is a star (I've not worked out which one!) There is a fair bit of light in my back garden from a streetlight right over it, but it was behind the telescope when I took these
  3. KatieG


    I had some great views of the moon yesterday evening from my back garden (managed to get outside before the clouds came!) and got some nice sharp images of stars, but I've found that when I look at Mars I can see a disc of light with the shadow of the little mirror and its struts at the top end of the telescope (I'm clearly mastering the terminology here!) I've tried with different eyepieces - the 10mm and 25mm ones that came with the telescope and with the new 17mm plossl which arrived yesterday. I've tried them all with and without the barlow lens and the same thing always happens! Any
  4. I think the best thing I did was join this forum Thanks for all the advice
  5. Hi, so I have a £40 amazon voucher burning a hole in my pocket and thought I would use it for some telescope equipment. I'm pretty new to this so could use some advice! I have a 130eq reflector telescope. It came with a 10mm, a 25mm and a barlow lens. I've bought a moon filter and an 80a filter. I've been reliably informed that Santa is bringing a red light torch So, what else should I be looking for? There seem to be a lot of other filters available but I don't yet have an understanding of what they do. Or put it towards a motor for the mount? Or do I look for a really good pair of wa
  6. KatieG


    What a lovely warm welcome, and some great advice. Thanks, everyone My husband has an old DSLR camera in the loft which I will dig out and have a play with. I might take some photos of the views from my garden (when it's not so wet and windy!) I'm so looking forward to this new adventure
  7. KatieG


    Hi everyone, nice to meet you all. I'm pretty new to this - got interested in looking at the night sky as a bit of mindfulness/relaxation during the stresses of the first lockdown and 7 months of furlough. My husband bought me a telescope for my birthday (Skywatcher 130eq reflector) which I am loving, and having watched a couple of night sky tips videos on youtube, I bought a moon filter and an 80a filter. At the moment I'm really keen on looking at planets, and the moon and I've already had some really nice views of Mars and the moon, and managed to spot 3 of Jupiter's moons on a very clear,
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