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  1. I have purchased a lx200 and have no accessory adapter to take my focal reducer for my dsi I am desperate to get hold of one any ideas Regards kenny
  2. Hi there I have a 12" lx200 and I am looking to invest in a ccd camera for it mainly because my children like to see what I'm looking at but they are quite young and it would be easier if I could show them in real time on a screen I have been looking at the orion starshoot range mainly the g3 and the deep sky imager 2 I have only ever really used my cannon dale for piccys before and would like to with a bit of practice get some great pics with a ccd in the future your opinions are greatly appreciated cheers
  3. i cant upload pics from my mac says these types of files are not allowed can anyone help they are only about 2.5 meg each
  4. today i took delivery of my dream scope a 12 inch lx200 gps uhtc in full working order and heres the best part a snip at only 1200 uk squids is a scope which i have always wanted but have never even been able to imagine owning one as even second hand they are normally £2000 plus sorry thats my bragging over (one happy chappie) heres the part i need help with one the reason i think it was a bit of a bargain is that even though the scope works perfect it has been neglected for a couple of years and was left in a garage which has resulted in a rusty tripod and paint flaking around fork arm and controller unit i am of corse wanting to restore the mount etc back to its orriginal glory and would really app it if any of you guys have any good ideas on what needs doing to the ally after rubbing down to remove flaking paint i presume its ally because its quite dusty underneath the plasticcote paint and if any of you guys have removed rust from tripod legs in the past i pressume a bit of elbow grease and some brasso is a good place to start i have included some pics of the extent of cosmetic wear any help gratefully appreciated cheers
  5. thanks guys ill defo check out the links and the book cheers my scope is an orion optics europa 250mm so quite a big lens infact. ithink i will be sticking to prime focus for now cheers oh clear skies
  6. if i connect my cannon 1000d camera straight to the scope with t mount where does the magnification come from and how do i add eyepieces for mag please help trying to do some basic photos of moon planets etc cheers
  7. Cheers everybody yeah Newman that's about as far as I understand it's the bits after that that I get confused with
  8. Cheers people I know it's another alignment question it's just this polar alignment is really confusing me any help greatly appreciated cheers
  9. yeah i thought it was a good deal had too sell my children to get it mind i have heard that the oo were good i was originally going too persue a good refractor Williams optics or vixen (80mm) but whoo do they cost better have more children ha ha thanks for your comments think i might have to have a day off tomorrow now dont think ill sleep tonight like a kid at christmas
  10. thanks for your comments john yeah if the scope performs aswell as my old lightbridge did then i should be a very happy man as like they say 2"s can make all the difference i will definately be doing a report and hopefully a good one thanks kenny
  11. hi all i am getting rather exited now as after nearly two years of waiting and saving i am expecting the arival of my new baby a eq6 pro and with it a second hand orion optics europa 250mm reflector hilux coatings and a few other gizmos here is my i have before owned a 8" lightbridge and a 10" lx90 and am unsure what to expect from my new scope and im gonna be honest will have no idea how to operate the mount but i cant wait too get started so if you guys have any experiance with these or could tell me any tips tricks that might make my life a bit easier when in the dark confinds of my garden id rally app it cheers ps cant belive i actually got my hands on a second hand eq6 pro in mint condition think ill buy a lottery ticket this week pps i paid 800 for both with the extras inc postage which i thought was a good deal what do ya think
  12. wow they are great would love to have the second image as my screensaver if you read this my email add is mrplumbit@btinternet please thanks
  13. yeah get a bigger tent as you need room for a few tinnys aswell
  14. gday mate welcome to the best lounge in the world for knowledge and power
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